Biblical Inerrency

If the Bible is not the inerrant word of God, then how does one know what is truth and what is errant?

Here is the position of the Catholic Church summed up by the 1893 encyclical Providentissimus Deus of Pop Leo XIII (1810-1903)

All of the books, and the whole of each, which the Church receives as sacred and canonical were written down at the dictation of the Holy Spirit; and in fact, so far from there being possibly any error present in divine inspiration, this latter of itself not only excludes but rejects it with the same necessity that God himself, who is the Supreme Truth, cannot be the author of any error whatsoever…For the Holy Spirit himself with supernatural power so stirred and moved them to write, and so assisted as they wrote, that they both conceived correctly in mind, and wished to write down faithfully, and expressed aptly with infallible truth, all and each of these things which he bades, otherwise he himself would not be the author of the entire scripture.

New Evidence? Comments?

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