Sun Did Not Stand Still, Shadows Did Not Go Backward, Rain Did Not Cease For 3 Years

Joshua 10:13

 And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher?
So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day

Isaiah 38:8

Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.

The Truth Is…

These two stories are by far, the most ridiculous of all of the other stories in the Bible.

The circumstantial  and scientific evidence that none of this happened is overwhelming.

The Circumstantial Evidence

According to the Bible, these two impossible events occurred between 1500 and 1400 BCE. At that time, China, Japan, Egypt, Syria, Phoenicia and Greece all had developed writing. Yet among all of their writings from that time, there is not a single mention of this most extraordinary, phenomenal, miraculous, unbelievable event. None. Nowhere. If daylight, or twilight or morning or night ever lasted for 24 straight hours, it would have been recorded in more than one place. As it is, the ONLY place this most extraordinary, phenomenal, miraculous, unbelievable event is even mentioned is the Bible.

If it happened it would have been recorded in the literature of many different cultures.

The Physical Evidence

Third graders are taught that the earth revolves around the sun and also rotates on its North/South axis.
As we now know, In order for the “sun to {appear to }  stand still”, the earth would have to stop revolving on it’s axis.

In order for the “sun to {appear to} stand still”, the earth’s rotation would have to come to a stop while still rotating around the sun. The kinetic energy of a rotating body like the earth cannot just disappear; it must continue to exist; the energy needed somewhere to go. The energy would be transferred to momentum.

Since we are traveling at about 1100 miles per hour (circumference of the earth = 29,000 miles divided by 24 hours) at  the equator, every human would be launched quite far as the earth came to a  stop. You never thought of that did you? The armies would all have been flung far from the battlefield.

In addition, the ocean waters have momentum, and if the earth’s crust beneath them suddenly stopped, the waters of the oceans would overflow the eastern coasts of the continents, in mighty tidal waves traveling hundreds of km per hour. This would be a catastrophe probably greater in scale than even the world wide flood of Noah’s time! Similar flooding on the western coasts would likely occur when rotation resumed. But geologic evidence for such events has not been found.

Not to mention that the atmosphere has momentum! If the earth’s crust suddenly stopped, winds of hundreds of km per hour would cause devastation around the earth, The atmosphere would be moving so fast it would literally sweep the land masses clear of anything not anchored to bedrock, this would mean rocks, soil, trees, buildings, people and animals. All would be swept up into the atmosphere.

There is no written or physical evidence that any of this happened; because it didn’t.

The idea of a shadow going backwards by 10 degrees is even more preposterous than the sun standing still.

Again, no mention of this anywhere other than the Bible.

In order for this to happen, the earth would have to REVERSE its rotation along the North/South axis.
No need to belabor that scenario – it would be far worse than the earth merely stopping it’s rotation.

Think ye not that the nonsense is constrained to the Old Testament.

James gets carried away with his claims about the power of prayer to the point of absurdity too.

Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. `
And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit.
James 5:17-18

Of course this never happened.  A world without rain for three and one half years would be devoid of all life at the end of the drought. And where else is this extraordinary event mentioned? No Where! James said it rained not on the earth – that includes Africa, the Americas, Asia, China,  Australia, etc. Surely they would have noticed and commented had they lived through it.

Just one more biblical claim that is demonstrably false.

How Can the Bible be the Perfect Word Of God?

It is not the perfect word of God. If it contains a single statement that can be disproved, it cannot be the perfect word of God. Having identified a single instance of imperfection, it calls into question all the other interventions by God – doe’s it not?

46 comments on “Sun Did Not Stand Still, Shadows Did Not Go Backward, Rain Did Not Cease For 3 Years

  1. says:

    Try to think beyond the laws of physics. A self-existant and eternal God can perform ANY feat because He can master all “laws”, no?

  2. Joe says:

    If you believe in God, and God created the universe, then it’s not too far-fetched to posit that when it says in the Bible that the sun stood still, you can interpret it in many ways, including to explain it that for the people in that area it seemed that the sun Stood Still, but God could have had made a powerful light shine in that area that looks like the sun. If God could make a sun he could something like a sun as well. No?

    • Andrew says:

      That’s one possible way of looking at it, Joe. And maybe that’s all it was, but for me, personally, I don’t try to explain the unexplainable. If I had been there, I would have searched for the truth, but thousands of years later—it’s unprovable. I know it sounds ludicrous to most people, but I choose to believe the inerrancy of the Bible over the errancy of my own capacity for rationality. Mainly because I realize just how limited I (and my fellow man) am in simply PERCEIVING reality—let alone analyzing and comprehending it in its entirety. It’s good to study reality. It’s beneficial to use the scientific method. But we are hopelessly limited in our understanding of the universe we find ourselves in.
      I believe in a Creator who both loves us but refuses to compromise His nature. I believe He gave us everything we need to know because as a specie we are only capable of understanding so little in our time and of knowing next to nothing on our own.

      But I feel I should warn any who vainly seek the glory of their own insignificant knowledge—a day will come when something false will appear to ‘prove’ you (and most of your fellow man) right. We have never been alone on this earth. The ones who have been hidden from you will be allowed to show themselves again. They are the authors of lies and hatred and murder. Believe them, and you will share their future. Believe in The Lord, and you will share in His. Horrible things will happen all over the world before these things are revealed. What will first look like hope will be the doom of many, but the One who comes to destroy them is the only Hope anyone has ever had.

      A few of you will understand this. It will not return to Him void.

      The rest of you will think I’m insane.

      If you want faith, ask the only One who can give it to you. Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock, and that door will open. But you must realize that this is to humble you.

  3. BG says:

    Isaiah 38:8-

    There was certainly something supernatural/a miracle in this verse-but, the sun did not stop.

    King Hezekiah chose to have the sundial move 10 degrees back.

    The type of sundial was likely some kind of steps, from east to west- and the shadow would show how much daytime remained.

    The 2 options:

    1- A mirage of the sun- a supernatural mirage of the sun….. Lateral images can shift objects up to 90 degrees. One time, in 1924, a plane crashed in Alaska, due to a lateral image that “moved” the mountain almost 90 degrees- so 10 would be nothing.

    2- Lighting up the steps (by God)- The verses do not specifically say (in the original Hebrew language), that it happened because of the sun (and no mention of a longer day).

    It was likely 1 of these 2- King H asked for a sign.

  4. BG says:

    Joshua 10:13-

    This is one of the most misunderstood verses by both Christians and non-Christians.

    The passage:
    The Sun- Over Gibeon
    The Moon- Over The Valley of Aijalon
    Gibeon is in the east, and Aijalon is in the west.

    This means that Joshua was praying in the morning.

    Why, would he need extra time if it was just morning, and the day just began?

    This was an ancient text- not modern. They lived in a world full of omens.

    Joshua was praying for the Amorites to see a bad omen.

    Also, this is poetry- not a narrative.

    This was the morning of the first day of the full moon- where the sun is visible above the eastern line and the moon above the western horizon line.

    The full moon was the most important time for receiving omens- good and bad.

    The months were not standard- they went by the moon phases. The months went with the seasons.
    (So, the day of the month that the full moon happened- was the indicator of how long the month would be).

    Longer of shorter months- made the people believe there would be longer or shorter days.

    The hope was for the sun and the moon to be seen on the 14th day- good luck.
    If this happened on the wrong day- it was a bad omen.

    These good or bad omens (in the Near East) would determine on when they should go to battle/war or not.

    In this story, the sun and the moon were about to be/get to the “right phase” or provide a “good omen.”

    By the Amorites seeing a bad omen, they would believe that they were doomed.

    Mesopotamian celestial omens= used words like “wait,” “stop,” and “stand.” to show positions of the moon, sun, stars, etc.

    • Andrew says:

      I don’t think we can assume we know exactly what happened in the account of ‘the long day’. If we choose to believe the story in its general sense then we probably assume that some unexplained or miraculous thing happened (if not miraculous by nature, then in its timing of the event).

      Here is an article that looks at the text from various perspectives:

      Read it if you like.

      Just remember: reality does not conform to your beliefs or desires. Reality simply is. If reality was created, assume the Creator is self sufficient and does not need anything from you—including your faith. More likely, you would need Him. If you choose not to rely on a Creator or choose not to believe in one, that’s fine, He will probably give you exactly what you want—an eternal existence without His presence.

  5. veejlee says:

    The Bible is not a credible source of truth and is littered with glaring inconsistencies, contradictions and blatant lies. It more clearly resembles myth and fantasy than the inerrant word of God. Much of what is contained in the Bible is blindly illogical, patently absurd and complete and utter nonsense.

    • Andrew says:

      Time is the great witness. The great revealer. If those with faith in something more than themselves are proven wrong, they merely die as fools and end up as the same dust as those who understood reality slightly more than they did. The world will die eventually. All life in the universe will be extinguished. We will all be forgotten, and reality will get along just fine without us because we are meaningless animated molecules. Being wrong about that scenario means absolutely nothing. It makes no sense to even care about being right or wrong because we all end up as dust aimlessly floating in space.

      But if there is a God… any god at all… then the rules change completely. Then what we do in this life actually matters. And IF that god is the God of the Bible… then those without faith in Him are eternally screwed—the Bible is very clear about this. In that scenario, forever is a very, very long time to be wrong.

    • Andrew says:

      Have you read the Bible? In its entirety or in part? These inconsistencies that you mentioned, please list some. Do some research and prove your point.
      Also, if you are an atheist, why the hell does it matter? Are you trying to prove someone is wrong about something so trivial? If I and Einstein and Hitler and Aristotle all end up as dirt and eventually all life everywhere dies… why are you wasting one second trying to prove anything to someone you see as backwards and superstitious? Are you trying to prove me wrong? Or are you trying to convince yourself you are right because you are terrified of the alternative.

      I’m not worried, I’m 100% convinced beyond all doubt. I have seen and heard and felt some of the hidden things that elude most people. And I sleep like a baby at night.

      Do you?

      • veejlee says:

        I have read the bible, admittedly not in its entirety, but enough to know that it was written by human hands. Your god had such an important message for mankind and somehow he only reveals it to certain individuals who then write this down, and thousands of years after this initial revelation we have to rely on copies of copies of translations of copies by anonymous authors with no originals. With this in mind ,who could possibly doubt the message contained in the gospels? If the bible is the literal word of god ,then why does it strike any decent person as so morally repugnant? No, all this stuff is primitive ,brutal nonsense and is quite obviously a complete fabrication. Oh, and in conclusion, I should just add that I have no fears of death. One day you and I will die and that will be the end of our existence, the only one either of us will ever experience. But if you want to live in that delusional fantasy world that you inhabit and believe otherwise, then dream on.

      • Andrew says:

        Admittedly, the Bible seems backwards to modern societies, but it was the basis of Western society for over a thousand years. Most critics of the Bible tend to focus on Old Testament passages, but you mentioned the Gospels. I’m curious (and not in a judgmental way) why you think the New Testament is morally repugnant. To the reader, it is usually seen as a much more tolerant and accepting treatise compared to the Old Testament. I’d actually like to know what you find offensive there. Personally, I have a harder time with some of the older passages because there is a perception of God sometimes showing less ‘grace’. But I am in no position to criticize God if I believe Him to be the very definition of perfection and myself being a very good example of a man twisted, broken, and ignorant (but still loved by my perfect God). My opinion as to how I think God should go about His business in the universe would be something like a diseased hamster telling a vet how to heal animals. I am far too ignorant to tell God how He ought to do things.

        Man’s perception of reality is not just ridiculously limited, but it is quite skewed and egocentric. If I accept that I am imperfect, I must also accept my perception of reality is also imperfect. If God did give a perfect message to mankind about how one should view reality and how one should act within that reality, then that message would also seem skewed and flawed to a skewed and flawed individual—who cannot actually recognize perfection because it cannot be grasped in a flawed and imperfect mind. Thus the message is rejected, even though it would help the individual. Partly because is seems like nonsense, but also because it requires the individual to change their perception of reality—which is altogether too frightening.
        It requires divine intervention to allow the flawed individual to accept the flawless message. Sometimes God decides to intervene in that sense for one, but not another. Ultimately, it requires submission on the part of the human psyche and soul, which is entirely frowned upon by the ‘enlightened’ who believe they can find the truth of the universe apart from any god.

  6. Andrew Myers says:

    If I believe the Bible is true and it turns out that I’m wrong, then I just end up food for worms just like the rest of you.
    If the Bible is true, and you don’t believe it…

    Remember, science is not truth. Science is our limited and imperfect understanding of reality. We will never be able to fit all the knowledge of the universe into the small box on top of our shoulders. Science disproves itself all the time. What people considered to be ‘fact’ before Hubble started looking into telescopes changed because reality was far far bigger than they could have believed.
    The same could be true about the supernatural, and a great deal of other things.

    • Isaac says:

      Also in order to prove things scientifically you must you the scientific method. But you cannot prove the scientific method, because you would have to use the scientific method.

  7. Jon says:

    It is quite telling that all the myth believers can come back with is the Bible is true and god is real. Some claim the Bible has been misquoted in this article. That could be easily dealt with. Cite the same books, chapters and verses saying what they actually say and state which translation of the Bible this quotes are taken from. Why do they not make a single, credible argument or provide an alternative claim? Simple! They cannot. You can feel the desperation in their comments. It should be laughable but is really very sad.

  8. michael kaibny says:

    obviously the person ( s ) responsible for this article is not a believer in GODS word. quit denying the bible and Gods word.
    the theory (educated guess) of evolution has so many gaps of time . it is illogical and irrational. Science is clear. man is not animal and is of the human species. quit denying your
    accountability to GOD. for you will one day stand in HIS presence and give account for your words and actions in this life. I ‘ll pray for your salvation. may GOD help you. in JESUS name AMEN.

    • JadelovesGOD says:

      Hallelujah! Theorist are always looking and searching for something they can grasp they will always be searching and find nothing, you cannot deny that there is something out there bigger than you. GOD doesn’t let us know everything for a reason the Bible cannot always be taken in so literally you won’t find definitive answers to all questions until it is revealed to GODS CHILDREN! if you continue to deny HIM than HE certainly will leave you lost in the dark without any answers you who deny the creater of heaven and earth. We as humans are so small just LIVE be good people. Have faith. And stop trying to disect your small very short life. What will you have accomplished when your life is over??? What did you change who did you give hope to? We don’t know the answers because we are not given the answers because we are not GOD. “we are only discovering things that GOD already created” that’s what science is. Abba FATHER. oh and us believers of Christ have already witnessed countless miracles things unexplainable because when you stop denying GOD and believe into HIM HE opens unendless boundaries. Would you do amazing things for someone who looks you in the face and says “I believe not in you I don’t know YOU.” probably not. So stop running stop searching! The answer is right there just BELIEVE that’s ALL YOU NEED. If he’ll really might be a real place would you really want to risk passing up eternal bliss for eternal damnation because facts are easier to believe than what you cannot see?. I pray you find your way and I bless you my brothers and sisters to continue spreading the word of GOD and HIS great great grace.

  9. Judy says:

    All much simplified, of course, if one simply also believes what the Bible teaches about a stationary earth spread out under the firmament which contains sun, moon, & stars moving in their courses/circuits.

  10. Lenard A. Parreno says:

    you put God in Shame. friend, you want everyone to believe to your stories, telling their God is Idol, Hey. God is not an Idol. you might be knowledgeable enough but not with the wisdom of God. the Bible is not Right? the is your point, to who then the people going to believe ? you? God is God, the all knowing God. Creator of Everything. He Loves us so much in spite of being a sinners. But He send His Only Begotten to die for us, to be a perfect a sacrifice, for our sins. For God so Loved the world that he give His Only begotten son that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have an everlasting Life.

    If Jesus Christ died and and never comeback to Life and was taken up to heave, then i will believed You. But He Lived, and was ascended to Heaven. and He Promised that he will come again.

    well, if you did not believed that. may I tell You this things.

    In the the beginning GOD Created Heaven and Earth,,,in the old testament…….

    in new testament,,In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2The same was in the beginning with God. 3All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

    verse 14,,,And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

    Now, question, How God made the Creation?

    THROUGH WORDS. Because In the Beginning Was WORD, and the WORD WAS GOD,and the WORD WAS MADE FLESH.

    • Jim Parker says:

      Lenard A. Parreno states, “blah blah God blah blah”

      Translation: “See how impressive I am? I can misquote a bunch of bible verses! Since I can misquote a bunch of bible verses I have to be right and everybody else wrong! I know the bible is right because the bible says it is right so that proves it neener neener betcha got no comeback for that logic”.

  11. Sam Massey says:

    It is sad that you think that there is a spirit that tells you what is truth, and what is untruth. If this were true what you say, what would be the need of the bible? The supposed spirit would tell you in your mind what to think, anyone with a mind should be able to realize that a supposed spirit is as false as the supposed N.T.
    son. This supposed spirit you speak of was supposed to have committed
    adultry with Mariam. Mariam was married to Joseph! Notice MATT.1:19, Joseph her husband- Notice Joseph was Miriam’s
    husband. Matt.1:20 Miriam thy wife-
    So if you think so much of this supposed
    Spirit, you believe in a wicked spirit that
    supposedly committed adultery. Notice
    Deut.22:23-24, IF A DAMSEL THAT IS A

    The N.T. Is a lie because if man was created only man’s sperm could cause
    a damsel to become pregnant. The
    Spirit is just as much a lie as the supposed son is! If the supposed
    Spirit caused Miriam to be with child, that
    child would be a bastard! That is why
    Joseph was going to put Mary away
    quietly, the wicked spirit supposedly
    told Joseph to take Maiam with a bastard in her belly ! It is sad that a
    person can believe that a evil spirit
    can guide them to truth!

    • JadelovesGOD says:

      Hey just because your anti GOD doesn’t mean your right you can’t possible know the truth either. Your gunna die one day and you don’t know squat but your spouting your mouth off like you have all the answers. You have a lot of growing up to do. Close minded because you can’t even say it’s a POSSIBILITY. 😋🙊🕊 ☮

  12. Sam Massey says:

    Greetings Picture Talk,
    I agree with you that there are Gods, but you have not studied the Bible well
    enough to know that all Gods are nothing but idols. You believe in untruth. If
    Yahshua the son of Nun was a real person that knew the Father’s will, he would not have asked something that was impossible for YHWH to do. If YHWH the
    Creator did create the earth, there were rules as everything He does! Be advised
    that the earth was created to rotate on it’s axis, and continually rotates. This means
    The earth will not stop, or goes 10 degrees backwards. Proof?
    Eccl.3:14, I know that, whatsoever YHWH doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can
    Be put to it, nor anything taken from it………

    Mal.3:6, I am YHWH, I change not; ……
    It is not wise to believe in fairy tales!

  13. Sam Massey says:

    What God are you speaking of? Ps.96:5, For all gods of the nations are idols,
    but YHWH made the heavens. Ps.1Chron.16:26, For all of the Gods of the people
    are idols, but YHWH made the heavens. Your God is nothing but an idol !
    It is not me that says this, I only am quoting scripture. If you know more than
    YHWH, tell it to Him, not us.

  14. Ian Yoo says:

    In the late 1900s, NASA scientists were using the most highly advanced computers and programs to literally rewind the solar system. As they watched the planets spin backwards, a message popped up on the screen about 4000-ish years back. It said: Error, day missing. Now, why would there be a day missing? And why would it be missing at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME THE EARTH STOPPED ROTATING IN THE BIBLE?

    • Sam Massey says:

      A day missing? What a pile! YHWH says He will not break His Covenant?Ps.89:34, with the earth stopping, it would change the Sabbath, that would change the fourth Commandment! When you read all the lessons on this web site, you will realize that what you have been taught of the Bible is untrue. Please read the lessons, and notice the scriptures that deny what you believe, then please read those scriptures in your own Bible with an open mind. If you come to this web site with a closed mind, why waste your time? If you want truth no matter where the Bible leads you, you have come to the right place. The masses throughout the world have been taught that all scripture is inspired! This is a one scripture doctrine, in the book of 2Tim.3:16, ALL SCRIPTURE IS INSPIRED OF GOD……
      Let’s use the brain we all have! The writings of YHWH’S Prophets, called by man, the Old Testament, was written long before man decided to preach the N.T. son sacrifice with a different twist, that Ahaz did in 2 Kings Chapter 16.
      Son sacrifice is a abomination of then heathen. What does the Father Yahweh, of the writings of the Prophets, have to say about what Paul says in 2 Tim.3:16 ?
      Wake up ! Son sacrifice is abomination, murder ! Open your minds, read the real truth on this web site, it is free, it does not cost tithes, or offerings, don’t let the clergy scam you of your time, and money. They scam you so easy, because you have hope of an after life. Free yourself from those clergy that steal from you, and lie to you, with the help of their writings called the N.T. Yes, the truth will set you free of the lies that are preached to you

      • Peace freeder says:

        Um unless it’s a legit scam artist who is really keeping the money. Which is a thing but shame on them. The churches use the money to feed homeless provide shelter and keep hope inspired. Who are you to tell people to stop providing money for A GOOD CAUSE. the tithes go through 4 different people or more to prevent stealing and most likely will be distributed to organizations. Sheesh. Look at you trying to stop a good deed. Open mind? Hypocrite

    • Jim Parker says:

      Ian Yoo states, “I’ll make up a really stupid story about scientists turning back time and finding a missing day. There my made up story proves the bible is right! Tomorrow I’ll make up a story about elves and fairies and it will prove the Hobbit right!”.

    • RT Cabinboy says:

      That particular story has been debunked…no program could identify an alleged missing day. Likewise i cannot find any verifiable references to clsims of other cultures. Quite simply much of what the Bible says is of dubious historisity, in particular before the babylonian captivity and there is certainly no verifiable date for Joshua, nor for that matter Emperor Yeo or Yu in china.

  15. Do we have any evidences of the other countries mentioned have scholars and writers who can confirm this events? In the times of Genesis, does Egypt have record of the day? i agree with the way we say earth has been stopped for rotation, is there anything that is impossible to God? Is it impossible for God to have caused the solar rays to linger over Palestine for the specified time?

  16. Adam LeMaster says:

    There is apologetic value in ancient legends from various parts of the globe, however, including the following: “It is reported by historians that records of the Chinese during the reign of Emperor Yeo, who lived at the same time as Joshua, report ‘a long day.’ Also, Heroditus, a Greek historian, wrote that an account of ‘a long day’ appears in records of Egyptian priests. Others cite records of Mexicans of the sun standing still for an entire day in a year denoted as ‘Seven Rabits,’ which is the same year in which Joshua defeated the Philistines and conquered Palestine.” (Bible-Science Newsletter, Daily Reading Magazine, Supplement, Vol. VIII, No. 5, May 1978, Caldwell, Idaho.)

    Additionally, the historical lore of the Aztecs, Peruvians, and Babylonians speak of a “day of twice natural length.” See ; see also Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision.” If Joshua’s long day (not “missing” day) occurred—and of course I believe that it did—then we would expect its effects to show up in the historical records of other nations, and that is exactly what we find.

    • There may be other lore about a long/short day. Are they all referring to the exact same day? I doubt it. “Shows up in the historical records of other nations” What a colossal event. It should appear in every nations’ history. It doesn’t I don’t trust the Bible-Science Newsletter. I’ll bet they support a six day creation too. In any event, the sun did not stand still in the sky period! Have you read what I said would happen? Don’t you believe it?

      OK … how about a shadow going DRAWKCAB? That means the earth reversed it’s rotation. Do you want to defend that one too? If the bible said it would you believe that water runs uphill? So you choose to believe what some ignorant sheep herder wrote 3500 years ago than to believe in the laws of physics. Amazing.
      OK … how about three years of drought over the entire world? Where does that show up in other historical records? Civilization could not survive that.

    • RT Cabinboy says:

      The site cited is not evidence and contains no citation to enable to verify the claims about other cultures.

      • TruthSayer says:

        There are no citations in other countries about an even that did not happen. Because other cultures had no idea of the nonsense being written by Jewish free-thinkers, they did not know that you would want them to rebut the nonsense 3500 years later.

  17. Adam LeMaster says:

    First, God may have caused the solar rays to linger over Palestine for the specified time. If God thus made the Sun to appear—from Joshua’s perspective—to hang in the sky above Gibeon, it would be correct to report the event in such terms. Or second, it may be that the Sun (and indeed the entire solar system) was suspended miraculously for a day. Whether the miracle was local or universal is not specifically stated in the text. Either way, “there has been no day like that, before it or after it” (Joshua 10:14)!

    Critics must be able to prove that the Bible is of purely human origin. However, the Bible itself is one the best-known examples of a miracle. When all of the facts are considered, it is evident that without God, the Bible cannot be explained. The burden of proof rests with the skeptic; until he can prove there is no God, and that the Bible is merely a human production, he has no basis upon which to deny the biblical record of a miracle. To dismiss the Bible because it contains accounts of “impossible” events is inane. With God nothing is impossible except, of course, those things which are at odds with His nature (e.g., He cannot lie—Titus 1:2). As with all miracles, no explanation is given as to how the feat in Joshua 10 was performed. How did the axe head float (2 Kings 6)? How did five loaves and two fish feed over five thousand (Matthew 14)? How did Jesus give sight to the blind (John 9)? That these things happened is sufficient for the man who accepts the omnipotence of God.

    Thank you for your time in reading this, I am
    a devout Christian and wish you well

    • “The burden of proof rests with the skeptic…”? You are kidding right? Everyone but you apparently, knows that when a claim is made it is up to the person making the claim to prove it. Everyone also knows that it is impossible to prove a negative.

      What evidence do you have for miracles other than that the bible mentions them. The Greeks and the Romans had miracles described in their literature too. But I’m sure you dismiss any of their miracles. Again, where is the real evidence. Pray that God would eliminate all birth defects tomorrow. If they are all gone tomorrow I will admit that god can perfrom miracles.

      Otherwise, miracles are merely nuggets of propaganda designed to convince the faithful of the power of their god, whichever one (Ra, Zeus, Jupiter, et. al.) s/he happens to be.

      “That these things happened…” implies that you believe they happened. How do you know they happened? Whoever wrote the gospels (NOT Matthew, Luke, Mark or John) were writing anywhere from 40-100 years after the alleged events took place.You don’t think the authors that wrote about “miracles” were prone to a little hyperbole?

      The fact that you and others believe utter nonsense is really scary to me.

      • Sam Massey says:

        You seem to have some common sense! Think about
        Jonah being swallowed by
        a whale, for three days, and
        three nights. In three days
        Jonah would have been
        spread out on the ocean floor
        as dung. This lets you know
        that the supposed sign of the son is written in the n.t. by
        Someone that did not know
        that the story of Jonah is a
        Fairy tale. It would be wise to
        read my web site. If you do,
        I would think you will have a different outlook when your done. The Bible is full of fairy

      • If you are not a christian, you will not understand the bible, you will never ever go near to understand as you do not have the Spirit of God to lead and guide you into the dept of its content . only people the who a devoted to God interprets it with the Wisdom from the GOD Almighty.. what you have stated is an understanding of a mankind who resists the reign of the creator of this universe and the events we are arguing on. people who pretends that there is no GOD, God will IGNORE their existence on this world.. Joshua did not know that the world/earth is rotating, what he understood was the SUN was going down so he asked GOD to Stop it, actually the earth has being stopped from rotation..

      • Sam Massey says:

        ‎CachedSimilar Date: Wed, 4 May 2016 04:41:23 +0000

    • Jim Parker says:

      Adam LeMaster says the incredibly stupid comment, “The burden of proof rests with the skeptic”.

      Well thank you, Adam. That means every incredibly stupid thing any insane person ever said must be true until it is proven wrong.

    • Ash says:

      All your “evidence” automatically assumes the Bible is true. I’m a skeptic myself and find that there is much more proof and reason behind no God than there is a God so I believe the Bible was either written by a group of very smart scientists who needed a way to easily explain their thinking to the people, or it’s written by delusional people who want a way to control the people.

      • veejlee says:

        There is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god or gods, or the supernatural. Religion is nothing but myth and superstition and does three things very effectively: divides people, controls people and deludes people.

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