I tried to create a spreadsheet listing all my references and their authors but I couldn’t format it well so I put in on Google Drive.

All of the references, available from THIS LINK have been utilized in some form or another. I did not read every one of the references cover to cover.

I have categorized my references into four categories and counted the entries. Here are the results:

Atheist Rants 31
Facts 74
Neutral 7
Christian Rants 18

“Facts” represent those sources where the author has no Christian or Atheist agenda. The Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology textbooks were used to help me understand the science behind radiometric dating, DNA, inheritance, fossils, light years, etc.

National Geographic Books were purchased ($40 each) and consulted to look for evidence of biblical history. There was no confirmation of anything the bible says.

“Atheist Rants” and “Christian Rants” are so categorized because their authors wrote from a preconceived perspective.

The one book that really contained many of the facts that I utilized was “The Rejection of Pascal’s Wager” by Paul Tobin. His bibliography references over 300 authors.

From the back cover

Armed with the results of critical historical research and a mind free from the shackles of dogma, PaulTobin dissects the Bible and the historical Jesus. Tobin shows that the Bible with its numerous contradictions, historical errors and scientific inaccuracies, cannot be considered inerrant.

He guides us through the intricacies of modern archaeology and comparative mythology, showing us that the much told stories in the Bible – Adam and Eve, Noah and Moses – are myths, invented by the ancient Hebrews under the influence of Babylonian beliefs. He demonstrates that the gospels, far from being eye-witness accounts, were written by authors unknown to us and were composed many decades after Jesus death. He demonstrates that the stories regarding Jesus in the gospels are a combination of historical memory, legendary development and mythical fabrications.

I classified “The Rejection of Pascal’s Wager” as fact. The cover is correct: “He demonstrates…” i.e. proves his thesis.

18 comments on “Bibliography

  1. Chava says:

    The prophets spoke of a time when there would be a famine for the Word of GOD. People would run to the East and the West and not find the truth their soul is seeking. That time is now. And the scripture tells how young people, women and men will faint because they are unable to fill their spiritual needs.


  2. Kate Eggenschwiller says:

    Just checking in to see if we are still having dinner at the Pine Club tonight. Mark and I walked away without getting your contact information. This is the only way I could think of to reach you.

  3. Will Taylor says:

    Voltaire chose to defy God such as you are. Have you ever read that his disciples would not allow a minister into his room as he cried out in terror on his death bed? Have you ever read the book “A Divine Revelation Of Hell” ?

    Here is a video Death and Beyond a documentary of heaven and hell experiences. I met one of the people in this video and heard his out of body experience of hell.

    As for the church… Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. There are many branches and many leaves none of which are perfect… yet. We are a work in progress and Jesus is the author and perfector of our faith. The work of perfection only begins in this life. If there are dead branches of the church, He will prune and see to that well and good enough.

    There is still hope for you to find God’s love in Christ Jesus and that is my prayer for you!

    But as for me, you came too late! I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good and I have been blessed by trusting in Him. He loved me before I knew Him and so He loves you as well. Just because God eventually judges unrepentant people doesn’t mean He doesn’t still love them. He takes no joy in their death. He loves us so much He gives us all the free will to choose.

    O victory in Jesus,
    My Savior, forever.
    He sought me and bought me
    With His redeeming blood;
    He loved me ere I knew Him
    And all my love is due Him,
    He plunged me to victory,
    Beneath the cleansing flood!

  4. No Riligion (Humanity and Respect is) says:

    Dear Brother and Sister, why all of you are debating regarding Religion and Belief, is it so important to win? to know that your Belief is true and correct? My brother i say to you no matter what religion and culture the point of teachings is to “RESPECT and Love”. If we defy this then we are starting a war “Religion vs Religion”. learn from others Belief absorb the positive things and disregard what you don’t like. in an instance we are all same we ” Believe to something”.

    • your writing was such a jerk as if you worship all deities if they all can give you something that is good in your own eyes. you have started the fornication long ago without your own knowledge. yet, such mixing of right and wrong, good and evil is what exact the cause our human race has been suffering. without a righteous and just and Almighty G-d, our suffering will all go in vain. only if you like suffering and see others suffering, otherwise, stopping deceiving yourself and others by indulging yourselves only.

      • Educated & Thinking says:

        Both of you are demonstrating your lack of any intelligence, education, or understanding of the world around you. Look at your utter inability to write even the simplest of a coherent statement. Why is it, the religious are most time, ILLITERATE? Don’t you see the relationship???

        There is NO evidence of ANY god, NONE. There have been COUNTLESS numbers of religions, nearly all of which have FAILED over the millennia. Yet, you continue to follow the same rationales based in nothing more than fear, anxiety, stupidity, shame, guilt and any other issue which you are not willing to face responsibly as a (presumably) adult human being. When are you going to start living YOUR OWN LIVES? When are you going to start taking responsibility for your own results and destinies, and assume the responsibilities of your mistakes? Instead you keep blaming everything on some non-existent entity. How convenient. How irresponsible. How juvenile. You see, many of us are Atheists, Agnostics, Free Thinkers, Humanists, JUST LIKE YOU. The only difference, we take it one god further.

  5. The Village Idiot says:


    I have study religions all over the world and there isn’t a single one that isn’t promoting their own agenda. Mix with mysticism and hatred to those that are not part of the “pack”. The majority of individuals will become of the same religion as of their parents or the village from which they were hatch. If you are born in the middle east you are most likely a Muslim. If you are European you are most likely a Catholic. Or you were born in the USA… Protestant, Methodist or Baptist or some other denomination. And so on!

    Long time ago a believed that everyone was born with a propensity to do good and that the turns of social or pathological traumas of events on that person is what would make them evil. Now I know better. Now I know that a small percentage of people are born (genetically) without a moral compass.

    But I also learned that evil and good are relative term and that truth is as hallow as colors are to a born blind person. My background is in the mathematical and physics sciences. My hobbies are many. One of the these; which I enjoy, is a)computer, b)offender and c)forensic profiling.

    I am a byproduct of a Catholics and Jewish (Sephardi) upbringing. I went; long time ago, down the path of the Qumran & Hadith and I rather read Mein Kampf. At least I know where his heart was… In a very dark place.

    I think that our relationship we have with our creator; if we have any at all, is not religion. Religion is a cancer, like patriotism or the power that people feels with possessions (owning something, controlling).
    Can’t take with you beyond the grave! What I am trying to say is that I have seen man governed himself to his own detriment over and over. I have also notice that everyone one is a slave to something. Some build altars to gods and others to science, either one is wrong.

    You have many things that are correct on your site. 1)Pauline, 2)Triune god and 3)Jesus dying for someone else sins doctrine comes to mind. But putting any Tom, Dick & Harry hypothesis as gospel is pretty farfetched. Worst yet just because you put a robe on it and you call it a deacon, it is still ugly and without merit. Truth mixed with half truth amount always to a lie. It seems like a child that have read a lot of books but lacks the wisdom and knowledge on how to put two and two together. And he thinks that by throwing sink and kitchen all together he will sound smart. I am not impress!

    Signed: The Village Idiot

    • completely agreed with you for the authors of this website: they were and are very childish in any sort of truth. their writings like coyotes lost teeth, dead skunks spreading its offending odor.
      however, I believe that you have missed what the essence of our living on this planet. This life is worthy of living. yet, without the help of our Savior Christ, our souls will die due to the corruption of the sins in our souls. one purpose of this life is to overcome sins entered through Adam, deceived by Satan the father of all Liars. if you deny your soul, then there is no hope as our G-d is righteous and impartial. in order to receive us, the sinners back to His renewed earth and heaven, we must be renewed and cleansed from the sins. I trust that this fact is obviously presented in the Scriptures, and Only this salvation will bring us, the fallen human back to the original beautifully created world in the second better version. run this race and hope you win the race.

      • LGLman (@LGLman)

        You said; ”I believe that you have missed what the essence of our living on this planet.” I would like to use here the excuse that W. Shakespeare gave: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts,…” You can read the rest in his play “As You Like It”. If you are interested.
        Yes, I agree with you in that this life is worth living! He has made for us a beautiful world for us humans to live in.

        The part about Satan personage in the scriptures is flimsy if none existence at best. You see; you seem to have the Bible definition of Satan while mine is much more closer to the one held by Isaac Newton and the Scriptures. Also the Bible has two parts; an Old Testament and a New Testament. Why? Was there something wrong with the first one? And if there was something wrong with the first one… why read the second one then? The Scriptures exist without the canonical Bible.

        I am not Jewish because I hate tradition. I am not a Christian because I don’t follow Paul. (Please see ) and I am not Muslim because I don’t follow soldiers, rapist and child molester figures. Yes, I have read the Qumran and Hadith. Also my HaShem don’t need to abrogate anything since he is the real and true Eloahim.

        And; please, don’t give me the old Christian line that “Jesus die for our sins”. If you Christian would have taken more time reading the Old Testament instead of “the false apostle Paul” you would have notice that “Yahushua ha mashiach”; like any other man, could have not die for another man sins. Please read the following scriptures…

        (Deut.) Debarim 24:16
        24:16 “Fathers are not put to death for their children, and children are not put to death for their fathers, each is to die for his own sin.

        (Eze) Yehezqel 18:20
        18:20 “The being who sins shall die. The son shall not bear the crookedness of the father, nor the father bear the crookedness of the son. The righteousness of the righteous is upon himself, and the wrongness of the wrong is upon himself.

        What kind of G_d would punished a man for another man sins, even if that man was willing! Would you call that justice? “Houston, we got us a problem.”

        And you’ll probably tell me that Yahushua died impale in a cross also. And that we need to go to church to clean our souls. Read the scriptures. Learn to discern what/that canonical means that it was approved by “ “Justine the great” a true schizoid in the roman history along with the Nero class. Always remember who wrote our known history. How all the kings always won their battles. Except in The Scriptures. But in there we had a very different penmanship.

        Well it is time I get down my soapbox and get some more water for my idiot cup.

      • E says:

        How bizarre your post is! One one hand, you rile against religion; then, you turn about to support Christianity. You appear to be a VERY CONFUSED (or ill) person.

        There exists no PROOF of a “soul”. There is no PROOF of a god, a satan, heaven, hell, purgatory.

        I feel sorry for you. You are wasting such opportunity to be yourself, live to your own personal potential, or effect POSITIVE CHANGE on this planet, which is simply and only but another bit of mass in our universe.

        I do believe you misunderstand the theme of this website. It appears you are preaching to the wrong choir.

    • Hanson Ruan says:

      Dear The Village Idiot,

      Thanks for sending your thoughts up back in 2018. I must have missed the email.

      It seems that you are a seeker, yet have found nothing that anchors you in a spiritual reality.
      To me, it is simple as you have not experienced or ever entered that force field. You cannot argue on what you do not know. The spiritual world (a different force field) is real as I went there several times. So there are biblically people who went there too, even some live there since then. If you did not study math and physics, you would have little to zero knowledge how wonderful this mathematic and physical world is. therefore, only one thing you lack to have a faith is to find the way to enter this spiritual world.

      unfortunately, you cannot pay for a ticket, nor can make an exchange without knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. Because He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. They are not just empty words. Pause your mind here if you want….

      surely, I can share that there are other ways, like demonic ways, like witchcraft. but be careful which way you want to choose. because all other ways except Jesus Christ you will have to make a deal to sell your soul to the demon(s) in order to gain access to that dark field. which field of the Lord if you want to know, read John chapter 1.

      regarding the statement of “Jesus Christ died for our sins sake.” Surely all Christians know that our Lord did not sin. It was figuratively speaking that “without sacrifice, there is no forgiveness of our sins.” Paul was not a false apostle as others and you think. You all have misunderstood his epistles. (1) What I know is this: as hopeless as every human being is bonded in sin, there is no hope for any sinner to have eternal life. The Lord G-d had mercy and still has mercy upon us that He would give His own Spirit to each one of us who believes in Him to be saved. Through a faith journey with His Spirit, we may overcome all sins within, even without. As you are a very good reader, you also must know, “No one can see me, unless he is Holy.”, says the Elohim. therefore, only those who obtain such status by the help of His Spirit, they will become Holy and will see Him face in face, which is eternity. (2) Because the law of sin lives in us, without giving up His life to bring the Spirit to each true believer, sinners have no hope. Now, we see, Jesus’ death was not because of the guilt of our sins, but to help us defeat the law of sin in each of us. In spiritual sense, He died for our sins sake. those imposters preached and taught all false “doctrines” to say “G-d put all our sins on His Son” was a complete heresy. Yet, it has become a major current in this evil world to sweep many away. I hoped that this opens your eyes to see the real side of the Truth.

      Regarding your concerns of OT and NT, OT has nothing wrong of G-d’s law or decrees, nor the history of OT is of no value. But OT stated a history of struggling between the corrupted people under G-d’s Law and the devil as their ruler. The similarity is so identical if we look at this world: Injured innocent people try to ask devil instituted judges to give them justice and fairness by punishing devil’s favorite offspring. Are we out of our own minds? No if we have understanding and patience.
      Yet, that was and is the plan of our Lord G-d. As he allows the tares to grow among the wheat, he has determined a day of Judgement to burn away all tares. why? Because the archangel who became the devil was created by Him. He cares all created beings. yet, there is a time limit to cleanse the world. I cannot agree more and humble myself more on this Amazing Grace as I know how corrupted morally I were and still part of me am. Yet, I can have such hope of purity, righteousness, and justice, even holiness from Him if He wills.

      Yet, I was bidden and I am running this journey with Him. unless He drops me, I will never let Him go out from me.

      brother Hanson

      • Educated & Thinking says:

        Brother Hanson: You are an exact example of why we Atheists don’t believe in any gods. There’s never been any proof of any “god”. NONE! None have every shown their face. They are nothing more than an EXCUSE for those like you, to NOT be responsible and honest to yourselves. You either cannot or will not accept yourselves. Try living without a dependence on nothing more than a fairy tale. You can do it, if you are willing to try.

  6. Ellen Eronico says:

    One thing is sure…the Bible’s content was written by man…about divinity through creative minds…what is divinity anyway?…fine, maybe they wrote about their “experiences”…and who put them (writings) together and called it a Bible…what was their agenda?…to recruit more fanatic believers who will give tithes? Why do we have to give tithes if they (priests, ministers, pastors, and soul-winners) consider their works as sacrifice? Voluntary donations are OK but tithes make me miss church because I don’t have the money and the church dress to wear. Let’s just be real…and follow the Golden Rule.

  7. kishan kt says:

    Just bumped into your site. I commend your efforts in trying to tell the “truth”. Bible I read is not literal. You are no different from many Christians who read it literally. Literal or factual information only leads to such writings of yours which is like science try to confine in a box giving dimensions. Scriptures are just audio-visual symbols but one has to find what that mean to us in this life. When you become literal it is no wonder you get stuck trying to “explain” things rather than experiencing and doing good in this world. Bible is purposely multidimensional and paradoxical. How can you spiritual matters such as love compassion humility gratitude in a box and explain ?
    Some examples: The story of garden is beautiful about the evolution and even the birth of human conscience story of miracle of water into wine about the ordinary life of water into extraordinary life of wine
    there are so many ..

    Good day Sir Nice effort

    • TruthSayer says:

      Thank you for the compliments: “I commend…”, “Nice effort”.

      I have to ask… Why is the bible “purposely multidimensional and paradoxical”? Surely God knew how his message would be misunderstood (20,000+ Christian denominations, 1000s of other religions).

      You can’t deny it would have been better to have been a little clearer. A lot of people have been killed because they read the Bible one way and someone else read it another.

      Your rationalization is just that – another apologetic for the mess that is the bible. And why is there even a theological discipline called “apologetics”? Why should God need people to explain what He was supposedly saying? Hmm?

      • a simple fact you have missed: the devil is running this world now with freed humans. what they can do but not bringing more confusions and divisions among them? you have been a victim of them. you have been carried away by such evil and knowledge based currents.
        Christ Yehoshua spoke plainly about the Truth. But your minds were twisted by this evil world with pairs of blinded eyes and minds. if you ever humble yourselves, you seek you will find you knock the door, it will be open to you.

    • Radu says:

      You sir, need medication… schizophrenia is treatable to some degree…

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