I tried to create a spreadsheet listing all my references and their authors but I couldn’t format it well so I put in on Google Drive.

All of the references, available from THIS LINK have been utilized in some form or another. I did not read every one of the references cover to cover.

I have categorized my references into four categories and counted the entries. Here are the results:

Atheist Rants 31
Facts 74
Neutral 7
Christian Rants 18

“Facts” represent those sources where the author has no Christian or Atheist agenda. The Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology textbooks were used to help me understand the science behind radiometric dating, DNA, inheritance, fossils, light years, etc.

National Geographic Books were purchased ($40 each) and consulted to look for evidence of biblical history. There was no confirmation of anything the bible says.

“Atheist Rants” and “Christian Rants” are so categorized because their authors wrote from a preconceived perspective.

The one book that really contained many of the facts that I utilized was “The Rejection of Pascal’s Wager” by Paul Tobin. His bibliography references over 300 authors.

From the back cover

Armed with the results of critical historical research and a mind free from the shackles of dogma, PaulTobin dissects the Bible and the historical Jesus. Tobin shows that the Bible with its numerous contradictions, historical errors and scientific inaccuracies, cannot be considered inerrant.

He guides us through the intricacies of modern archaeology and comparative mythology, showing us that the much told stories in the Bible – Adam and Eve, Noah and Moses – are myths, invented by the ancient Hebrews under the influence of Babylonian beliefs. He demonstrates that the gospels, far from being eye-witness accounts, were written by authors unknown to us and were composed many decades after Jesus death. He demonstrates that the stories regarding Jesus in the gospels are a combination of historical memory, legendary development and mythical fabrications.

I classified “The Rejection of Pascal’s Wager” as fact. The cover is correct: “He demonstrates…” i.e. proves his thesis.

3 comments on “Bibliography

  1. Ellen Eronico says:

    One thing is sure…the Bible’s content was written by man…about divinity through creative minds…what is divinity anyway?…fine, maybe they wrote about their “experiences”…and who put them (writings) together and called it a Bible…what was their agenda?…to recruit more fanatic believers who will give tithes? Why do we have to give tithes if they (priests, ministers, pastors, and soul-winners) consider their works as sacrifice? Voluntary donations are OK but tithes make me miss church because I don’t have the money and the church dress to wear. Let’s just be real…and follow the Golden Rule.

  2. kishan kt says:

    Just bumped into your site. I commend your efforts in trying to tell the “truth”. Bible I read is not literal. You are no different from many Christians who read it literally. Literal or factual information only leads to such writings of yours which is like science try to confine in a box giving dimensions. Scriptures are just audio-visual symbols but one has to find what that mean to us in this life. When you become literal it is no wonder you get stuck trying to “explain” things rather than experiencing and doing good in this world. Bible is purposely multidimensional and paradoxical. How can you spiritual matters such as love compassion humility gratitude in a box and explain ?
    Some examples: The story of garden is beautiful about the evolution and even the birth of human conscience story of miracle of water into wine about the ordinary life of water into extraordinary life of wine
    there are so many ..

    Good day Sir Nice effort

    • TruthSayer says:

      Thank you for the compliments: “I commend…”, “Nice effort”.

      I have to ask… Why is the bible “purposely multidimensional and paradoxical”? Surely God knew how his message would be misunderstood (20,000+ Christian denominations, 1000s of other religions).

      You can’t deny it would have been better to have been a little clearer. A lot of people have been killed because they read the Bible one way and someone else read it another.

      Your rationalization is just that – another apologetic for the mess that is the bible. And why is there even a theological discipline called “apologetics”? Why should God need people to explain what He was supposedly saying? Hmm?

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