There Is No God – Proof


Priests molest little boys

Catholic priests molesting children is

Proof There Is No God

What kind of a Loving, Merciful, Kind, Benevolent, Caring, Compassionate, All-Powerful, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent,  Perfect, Patient, Persevering, Righteous,  Almighty God would allow someone, acting in His name, to molest children?

This is the worst of the worst. There is nothing worse than a priest preying on those who trust him. Not only the physical pain at the time of the violation but emotional pain for the rest of the victims life.

Oh, I can hear it now. “Well you don’t know what worse thing He’s preventing because He is preventing it”. Maybe, but if god is permitting priests to prey on little boys, then the fact that he may be preventing something worse is irrelevant. He is allowing this.

What does it take to get God to intervene? When does God begin to exhibit all the above attributes if not to prevent priests from raping  little boys?

Would you speak to me, let alone love me if I watched and allowed your son or daughter to be tortured and raped?

God fails as a “Good Samaritan” and is guilty of depraved indifference.
What good is He if he doesn’t help us in these cases?

How is it possible that a Loving, Merciful, Kind, Benevolent, Caring, Compassionate, All-Powerful, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent,  Perfect, Patient, Persevering, Righteous,  Almighty God would permit this greatest of abhorrent atrocities?

God has intervened many times. In the Old Testament, He is constantly directing Moses, David, Noah, Abraham, et. al to do something nefarious .or He is actually doing it himself.

For Example:

God threw stones down on the Amorites. More were killed by God’s boulders than by the Israelites armies. Joshua 10:11

But in the last 3500 – 4000 years, God has refused to intervene as he did in the past. 


In the name of “Free Will”? 

Really? He didn’t care about “Free Will” in the past!

What’s another explanation?

The obvious explanation is that

There Is No God.

To insist that there is a God means you worship and praise a God who cannot, does not, will not, show any sense of compassion and who doesn’t care about anything other than being worshiped (first four commandments). 

which is worse

Or This!

Tell me again why a loving God would do this to innocent children

Or This…

Tell me again, why a loving God would do this to an innocent child;

His knees bend backwards in case you haven’t noticed.

52 comments on “There Is No God – Proof

  1. Bruce Clements says:

    I have no desire to defend god (and certainly not one who claims to be omnipotent as he would obviously not need my help) but isn’t possible-probable, even-that rather than proving that there is no god, the Old Testament stories that blame all sorts of atrocities on god are just that, stories which don’t prove anything?

    • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

      Bruce, whoever is the Creator of the Earth certainly proved that He is a blood-thirsty monster seen throughout the history of the Earth. He is guilty of murder, death, chaos, wars, famine, whoredom etc. Because He designed the heart of man and beast whether that man is an angel or a demon. IF He wanted a healthy and happy people and planet, IT was in His control. Therefore, I conclude that the Christian GOD is [MORE] Wicked than Satan because He designed Satan and gave him [ALL] the knowledge and power to corrupt and blaspheme against [ALL] that is Good and Beautiful about LIFE! F.Y.I. The BEST way to deceive or keep a person from understanding the [TRUE] Nature and Character of another is by giving that person good things. For instance, a male gives a female after verbally and physically battering her flowers to keep her confused about whether he truly loves and cares for her or NOT. This is the Christain GOD. He painted the skies blue and made the Earth green and the oceans deep. Why? To keep us from understanding and learning about His [TRUE] Nature of Wickedness AND Abomination. He covered His abominations and the corruption within His own Soul with good things in the World like red sweet-scented roses to keep us confused. Who doesn’t love blue skies or fresh fruit of the vine and beautiful flowers? Simply because a person or spirit knows how to give good gifts does NOT mean he or she is a good person. I hope you understand what I am saying here. The Christian GOD according to Luke 4:5-6, Jehovah transferred the all the kingdoms of the Earth to Satan to rule over us with cruelty, hatred, and violence; yet; He claims that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to save us from death and destruction. Out of the mouth of Jesus Christ, he states: “IF my kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight, so that I wouldn’t be handed over to the Jews. But as it is, my kingdom is not from here.” (John 18:36-37). In other words, Jesus flat-out [REJECTED] humanity… YOU & Me! Good luck!

      • Bruce Clements says:

        You’ve completely missed my point.
        I don’t believe the Bible or it’s stories about god and Jesus anymore than I think Harry Potter is a real person or Hogwarts was a real place.
        I also don’t believe in luck.
        But at least it gave you the chance to go on a rant so you’re welcome.

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        Lol…Bruce! Thank YOU for allowing me to rant with patience! Lol… sorry I missed YOUR point! Nevertheless, because I was indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing God is Jehovah and Jesus Christ, this is why I can only speak from that perspective. I do believe in the existence of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Gods too! However, like the Christain God I believe they go by many names to hide their true identity so that no one could or would discover they are behind the corruption in this World. I do NOT believe that there exist a holy and uncorrupt God. I believe in the Laws of Righteousness and Morality and NOTHING more! So, therefore, I am technically an atheist because I reject all named and un-named Gods based on the misery that is in the Earth. When YOU mention Harry Potter and Hogwarts, I believe they exist too; however, my belief is that they are [rooted] in Evil like the Christian, Roman, Greek and Egyptian Gods. These Entity are real to me, but they are [all] Evil and embodies the Spirits of Evil and many are the Spirits of Evil. Liars, murderers, enslavers, etc., they are [all] because of the things the Earth has suffered and the gross wickedness that has been done in their Names. Someone is behind it all and should be held accountable for it and since they [all] want to claim “Godship” then they [all] are an abomination! Once again, thank YOU for allowing me a platform to share my feelings and thoughts. I hope this communication is with less ranting? Lol…lol… have a wonderful day!

      • Bruce Clements says:

        Jehovah’ Witness, eh?
        I was raised Seventh-Day Adventist so I understand going on a rant against everything that one was once taught, and thought he knew, but that just ain’t true!

  2. Xairiki Agnew says:

    You’re telling me that someone’s bad decisions proves there’s no God? God gave us free Will because He loves us. If He just forced us to do everything He wanted us to do that’s controlling and Not love. He wants fellowship with us and forced imprisonment

    • TruthSayer says:

      ABSOLUTLY that’s what I am saying. I’m not saying that God should “force us to do everything He wanted us to do” but when someone who speaks for God, as Catholic priests do, one would think that God might get a little angry. After all, he is always jealous, vengeful, angry, wants blood, at infinitum.

      He answer’s prayer’s doesn’t he? Isn’t that intervention? He killed millions of people who were in the path of his chosen people on their way to the promised land. God Intervenes! Why did he stop?

      What in your mind would it take for God to intervene? Are you glad he didn’t intervene when 6 million of his chosen people were slaughtered by Hitler? So in your mind, it was better that God allowed Hitler to murder millions because Hitler was able to exercise his free will?

    • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

      Obviously Xairiki, you don’t understand John 18:36 where Jesus tells Satan this World is NOT his home and neither are we, his people? Also, you also missed Luke 4:6 where Satan tells Jesus that his Father [transferred] [all] authority and powers of Rulership to him over the Earth? And what does Jesus say about why Satan was born? “To kill, steal, and destroy!” And who is he destroying, “YOU & I !!!” So much for God’s love for YOU and Me! Jehovah’s arrogance and high-mindedness and pride won’t allow Him to condescend to Mankind’s level. And NEITHER does IT allow Him to see that He is [MORE] wicked than Satan because He created Satan with the Laws of Murder and Destruction! Do NOT be deceived? Satan is NOT Lucifer! How? Ezekiel 28:13 and Isaiah 14:15 LUCIFER’S DESIGN. Satan BEGAN in the Garden of Eden [GENESIS 3:1] in the Earth, NOT Heaven’s Eden which is Jehovah’s [SPECIAL] Retreat!!! In the [Infamous] and [Eternal] Words of Jesus Christ? In John 8:44 He states: Satan was [BORN] “A MURDERER” & “A LIAR!!!” I stress again, Lucifer and Satan are two [different] Beings! Lucifer’s BEGINNING was in Righteousness as Ezekiel and Isaiah states!!! When YOU leave this Earth and travel to Heaven [ALL] of what I am telling YOU will be witnessed by YOUR own eyes and ears. When YOU see this TRUTH revealed, RUN because Jesus Christ and Lucifer are the God-Kings of Prostitution in the City of Ancient Egypt. Jesus is [STILL] A Servant and he’s a Servant to Lucifer! He has NO Majestic Powers NOR Authority. This has been revealed to me when he visited twice to give me a word of destruction and death because I refused to bow and submit to Lucifer and his abominations- Prostitution with demons, angels, and kingdom men and women residents! Yes, that Right! Women of harlotry is included! Heaven is [MORE] Vile than the Earth in whoredom and harlotry!!! Don’t let Heaven judge YOU!!! They are NOT worthy of that honor!!! Lastly, Jehovah operation of power is witchcraft and sorcery!!! I’ll explain. When Jehovah’s powers is used for Good it is considered “Divine Miracles!” When He or anyone else uses His power for Evil it is considered witchcraft and sorcery! IT is the [SAME] Power from the [SAME] Source- Jehovah! Therefore, I conclude that Jehovah operates in witchcraft and sorcery. Like he said: “Either [MAKE] the tree good and ITs [his] fruit OR make the tree corrupt!?” Matthew 12:33. There are NO grey areas in [TRUE] Righteousness and [NEITHER] in Holiness!!! Jehovah lives in the grey areas that is why He speaks in Riddles so that YOU may NOT See NOR Understand these things. The moment YOU embrace [TRUTH] and cancel out the grey areas; YOU will have Understanding!!! NO double-mind!!! NO Justification to do Evil!!! TRUE Holiness will NEVER defile ITs Garments with thoughts of Evil. We are who we are based on the Laws that we practice! Either the Law[s] establishes our Righteousness or Unrighteousness! Since Jehovah practices and performs BOTH Good and Evil; He is polluted!!! Here is a TEST for YOU? Find a white object in YOUR house and watch it day and night to see if that white object bleeds the color black? IF it turns black then my Wisdom is wrong? But if it stays white my Wisdom and analysis of Jehovah has been established in Righteousness and TRUTH!!! Good luck and BEWARE of the Christian God!!! He “straddles’ the fence being in and out of good works daily!”

      • TruthSayer says:

        You guys are arguing over nonsense. Hardly anything in the Wholly Holey Babble is true. Nothing in the Wholly Holey Babble book really happened. There is no Satan, no Lucifer, et. al. Quit dwelling in the absurd. How do you even know that Jesus actually said anything he “said” in the WHB? His first alleged words were written 40 years after he allegedly said them. Quotes in John are approximately 90 years after he “said” them. Check out

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        There is NO Proof that Jesus NOR the stories in the KJ Bible are true. That is why I have chosen NOT to believe the Stories, but instead embrace the moral virtues and values ONLY. Thanks for your feedback! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Willard Bolinger says:

    The claims in Genesis protesters in our knowledge of 2021 that real “God” would make the errors stated in the Creation story. There is a morning and evening in each first three days of Creation but sun was not claimed to have been created until the fourth day. The order of mor days are wrong also. And since the claim of the “God” just speaking a few sentences each day of Creation how possible to get “tired” on the seventh day and need to rest??

    • Fred says:

      He is the Word. JOHN 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This shows that when He said it, He did it.

      • Elaine E says:

        No, this only shows that a human wrote that, nothing else. Bible is not proof of a god.

    • Kevin Terry says:

      Who was the roving reporter present during the creation that recorded all of this? And who is God speaking to in Genesis 26 when He said, “let US make man in OUR own image? Is there more than one God? Sounds very made up to me.

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        My perspective is that Jehovah was talking to Lucifer and NOT to Himself? I think this because Lucifer was dubbed the “Morning Star” which is a title one-step lower than Jesus Christ who is called the “[Bright] & Morning Star?” In addition, in my research study my opinion is that Lucifer is Jesus Christ’s brother because of his relationship status and title? I do NOT think Jehovah was having a schizophrenia moment when He stated: “Let Us make man in our own image”? Keep in mind these words Jehovah spoke were “Creation” POWER and NOT person or personality according to the Book of St. John?

  4. Ken Morgan says:

    I agree no evidence for any god

  5. Ken Morgan says:

    It is amazing how people still believe in god after all the suffering in the world,nothing fails like prayer how come prayer only works I finding your keys or parking places or wallet

  6. Rachel says:

    Wow! To believe there is No God simply because I (the writer of this “There Is No God-Proof”) say so is Proof that there is No God! Amazing “Reasoning and Logic” to say the least…

    • TruthSayer says:

      Your description of my observations also applies to the Bible. There is Jesus and God just because the Wholly Holeyi Holyi Book of Babble sayis there is. Where’s the real evidence?

      • Fred says:

        We live by faith, not sight. When you look into a mirror, you see someone but you believe that someone is you. As Christians we believe we cannot put God in our test tubes.

  7. C.R, Coleman says:

    The letter J was not invented until 1521. Neither the Hebrew, Greek or Arabs have nor ever had a letter J. The name Jesus was not created until 1629. If the so called Jesus was born in BCE his name can’t be Jesus. C.R.C.

    • TruthSayer says:

      C. R. Coleman: So what? What is the point of your inane comment?

    • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

      Wowww… I’ll be dammed!!! That’s good!!! Prior to 1629 it was ONLY Yeshua or Y’shua for Jesus and Jesus is the English version. I knew I would learn something from visiting this website. Thanks Guys! Keep bickering and fighting because I am listening to learn and understand not only about your Beliefs and opinions; but also my own! F.Y.I. As long as you guys don’t resort to violent threats; your anger and aggression is “healthy!?” “WE SHALL OVERCOME” in the famous words of Martin Luther King!!! (smile).

  8. BG says:

    2 of 2: Arguments for Christianity:


    One of the strongest defenses in favor of Christianity is the number prophecies fulfilled by Jesus in the Old Testament. Over sixty detailed prophecies were fulfilled by Christ. Prophecies such as the one found in Micah 5:2 declares the exact town that Jesus would be born in. The Book of Micah was written around 700 BC. There were hundreds of cities during this time, yet Bethlehem was designated as the birthplace of Jesus. Also, around 700 BC, the Book of Isaiah would claim that Christ would be born a virgin. The Book of Psalms (written around 1000 BC) declared the Messiah would have his hands and feet pierced. Roughly five hundred years before the life of Jesus, the Book of Zechariah declared the Messiah would be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver. Other prophecies include: Jesus deriving from the lineage of David (Jeremiah 23:5), Christ entering the city on a donkey (Zechariah 9:9), along with more than fifty other fulfilled prophecies.

    The odds of completing these prophecies are what makes this argument so compelling. One must keep in mind, these sixty-plus detailed prophecies were completed by one man, not a group of people. A mathematics professor, Peter Stoner, presented a math probability to his students: find the odds of one person completing only eight (of the 61 major) prophecies. The students calculated the odds of completing 8 of the 61 prophecies at 1 in 10 to the 21st power. Once the odds were finalized, Stoner provided an example: “First, blanket the entire Earth land mass with silver dollars 120 feet high. Second, specially mark one of those dollars and randomly bury it. Third, ask a person to travel the Earth and select the marked dollar, while blindfolded, from the trillions of other dollars.” The American Scientific Association verified that the findings and probabilities were both sound and convincing. Many of the prophecies were written 500-1000 years before Jesus was even born. These authors did not have an opportunity to collude with one another, as many of them lived in different times and places throughout history. In the Bible, there are approximately 300 references to the 61 major prophecies fulfilled by Jesus. If the odds of completing only 8 of the prophecies are that insurmountable, fulfilling all 61 prophecies is beyond comprehension.

    JOB 38:1

    The Book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible. Scholars dispute its authorship, but generally agree that it was written sometime between the 7th and 4th century BCE. Composed over 3,000 years ago, Job contains many passages referencing various disciplines of science. In one of the passages, God asks the following questions: “Can you bind the chains of Pleiades? Can you loosen Orion’s belt?” (Job 38:31 [New International Version].) These two simple questions become extremely important when researching history and science.

    The Pleiades star cluster, also referred to as the “Seven Sisters,” contains hundreds of stars. The stars are bound together by a symmetry of movement and do not change. The Pleiades cluster never seems to move to the human eye. God asked Job if he could bind the stars together and keep them in unity. The more important component of Job 38:31 is the reference to Orion. “Orion’s Belt” is a familiar constellation, easily recognized by the three bright stars: Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. The stunning prediction made by God (loosening Orion’s belt) was not discovered until modern astronomical measurements were available, long after the book of Job was written. The stars are slowly moving apart from one another in different directions. Many years from now, the constellation will no longer exist. Unlike the Pleiades, this constellation is only temporary. There was no way for the author of Job to have knowledge of these astronomical facts. Science is not an enemy of Christianity, the two are in perfect harmony. Outside of the Bible, science is God’s greatest gift for human knowledge.

    These are just 2 of many, many arguments- but in all- the reason why I am a Christian, and not a deist…… Is #1- the amount of prophecies Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled, and the unreal odds against it happening.

    • Kevin says:

      I have heard several times from various places about the multiple Old Testament prophecies foretelling The Christ. I would challenge everyone who puts forth this argument to actually read them – here is a link that provides the ones referenced by BG above – ( . Throw out anything that was written after Jesus; like Paul’s writings because that wouldn’t be prophecy. Before reading each of these, pretend that you have not already reached a conclusion of what these are speaking about (being Jesus) and notice how vague and general these so-called prophecies are. I just read every one of them and my conclusion is that you would have to smoke a whole lot of some hallucinogenic to spin these to being the proclaimed Jesus referred to in the New Testament. Make sure to read the verses before and after also to ensure you are reading them in proper context. This is a very far stretch of the imagination to conclude ANY of these are are referring the new testament Jesus.

      Regarding the lineage of David and Abraham – According to the book of Matthew (unknown author who cant cite any sources at all even which library he/she/they went to to get the lengthy genealogy recorded in chapter 1), the lineage is that of Joseph the husband of Mary. After going through pain staking effort to cite multiple generations of genealogy, the author essentially shoots themselves in the foot by saying that Joseph wasn’t his father so basically, the entire lineage back to David is meaningless. Of course Luke records a very different genealogy that is also stated to be that of Joseph (more confusion). Modern apologists for Christianity clam that the one in Luke is that of Mary. Well then produce the genealogy of Mary and put it side to side so we can see that – or is the one in Mathew from Mary? or neither? Sounds like someone wanted to appease both the Jews and the Romans to sell this book. The Jews would want that Jewish lineage and the Romans loved to claim non human sperm donors for their heroes. So who’s son was Jesus? You cant have it both ways! I don’t know about you but my vote is for the unknown author that cites no sources to make a claim that violates biology and all logic to claim a non human sperm donor…….except if God did this to Mary, without her prior consent, is this not Rape? Oops. Now we have a God who Rapes Women? Doesn’t sound right to me.

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        I too view how Mary’s conception occurred can be interpreted as rape. As for Jesus genealogy, I have read and been taught that both Mary and Jospeh are descendants of King David? In my view this is incest?

  9. BG says:

    1 of 2: 3 quick arguments for theism (a god in general):

    1- The Fine Tuning Argument:

    The old earth model (or old earth creationism) aligns with the Bible and science perfectly. Old earth creationism states the universe is approximately 13-14 billion years old, and the Earth is roughly 4-5 billion years in age. The strength of gravity is so precise, if it were changed by as little as one percent either heavier or lighter (just one billionth of a gram,) life would cease to exist. If the strength of gravity were any heavier, atoms would be pulled together. If gravity were lighter, there would not be enough of it to produce stars, galaxies, or planets.

    The mass of a proton is 1.6726219 x 10 to the negative 27th power (kg.) The mass of an electron is 9.10938356 x 10 to the negative 31st power (kg.) If either of these two numbers were altered by only one number or decimal, DNA would have never formulated. The universe is in a constant rate of expansion (around 67 kilometers or 42 miles per second.) If this expansion rate were any faster, there would not be any stars, galaxies, or planets. If the rate were slower, matter would have been pulled together and formed massive black holes. Dr. Hugh Ross, a Christian apologist and astrophysicist, explains the odds in layman’s terms. Ross begins by stating the importance of the universe staying electrically neutral (meaning the number of positively charged particles always equals the number of negatively charged particles). If the universe does not stay neutral, gravity would be controlled by electromagnetism, and no galaxies, planets, stars, or life would be possible. The number of electrons that must equal to the number of protons is 10 to the 37th power, or 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. This number is almost impossible to fathom, so Ross provides a mental picture. North America would have to be covered in dimes, followed by dimes being stacked to the moon (roughly 239,000 miles high.) Afterward, the same thing would need to be done to a billion other North America’s (in relation to width and height.) Then, one of these dimes should be painted red, before blindfolding a friend. Finally, the friend must choose the red dime, out of the billions and billions of dimes
    available. This provides a mental representation of 10 to the 37th power. After carefully analyzing the previous numbers and odds, then including the probability of the planet Jupiter being where it is (in the solar system,) our precise distance to the sun, and the Earth’s complex atmosphere, it becomes apparent that humans are not here by chance.

    Nuclear force, the powerful attractive force that holds the nucleus together, is also mandatory for life. If this force were stronger by only fifty percent, most of the hydrogen (a main ingredient for stars) would have burned away in the earlier stages of the universe. If the nuclear force were any weaker, very few elements other than hydrogen would have materialized. Also, if the specific amount of carbon and oxygen in stars were any smaller, the forces from the stars would have been too powerful to produce life. Differences between the two lightest quarks (subatomic particles carrying a fractional electric charge) at even the slightest alteration would have led to a much less complex universe. The strength of the weak force, the interaction between sub-atomic particles that cause radioactive decay and is essential for nuclear fission, is also perfected. If the strength were weaker by only a factor of ten, there would have been extra neutrons in the earlier part of the universe. If this were the case, stars such as the Sun would not have survived long enough to produce life. The cosmological constant, global cosmic energy density, relative amplitude of density fluctuations in the early stages of the universe, and initial entropy of the universe are also fine-tuned, with any changes negating life. These statistics are merely a few mind-blowing facts surrounding the fine-tuning of the universe. When complied together, it is one of the stronger arguments in favor of a higher power.

    #2- Why the universe is so big:

    If the universe were smaller, and if God only created one planet, one star, or one solar system, he or she would question God’s power and ask why there was so little in the universe. The size and magnitude of our solar system and galaxy alone, not counting the trillions of other galaxies and stars, should point to an omnipotent creator. As previously stated, the universe is constantly expanding, and has been since the initial Big Bang. If the universe were static, even for a short period of time, it would have collapsed due to the strength of gravity, and life would have been impossible. The laws of physics do not change.

    #3- Who created God?

    All academic evidence we currently have points to a finite universe (although if the universe was infinite, it would not disprove God.) Anyone or anything that has a beginning requires a creator. God is infinite, timeless, and eternal; by being infinite and outside of time, God does not need a creator. Only something that is finite does.

    • Kelvin says:

      You have NOT presented any evidence of a god; all those paragraphs were a waste of time. The so-called “fine tuning” is not evidence; we do not know if there has been any fine-tuning ,as in a conscious entity doing anything. Until one can show evidence for some beings doing this, it is only a hypothesis. If one could actually prove some entity had something to do with anything like that, it would not be evidence for a religious deity, let alone the Christian one.

      No, it is NOT evident that humans are not here by chance, that is an opinion. We presently do not know.

      The size of the universe is not evidence for a higher power either. Also, we do not presently know if the laws of the universe evolve over time. Technically, there are no “laws”, that word is a metaphor or shorthand descriptor.

      The universe being finite or not has nothing to do with a god. One cannot posit a god as timeless,eternal, etc without evidence for that being, which presently there is none. Everything you’ve stated are only assertions, NOT facts. We have heard these all before from numerous apologists.

      No prophecies have been fulfilled. There is no science in the Bible, it is not a history book, it has already been disproved using, among others: geography, geology, paleontology, astronomy, archaeology, history, philology, anthropology, the biological sciences( including evolutionary biology , physiology, genetics)..

      The #1 reason why one is a Christian, Jew, Hindu, etc is due to upbringing, NOT evidence. People have not been able to reason themselves out of something they never reasoned themselves into in the first place.

      • Bernard says:

        Preach, brother!!!

      • Hawthorn says:

        Marine fossils on mountains (Flood evidence 1)
        Wednesday, November 27, 2013
        Flood Evidence Number One
        by Andrew Snelling
        December 7, 2007
        Fossils of sea creatures are found in rock layers high above sea level. This is just one more evidence of the truth of God’s Word.
        If the Genesis Flood, as described in Genesis 7-8, really occurred, what evidence would we expect to find? The previous article in this series gave an overview of the six main geologic evidences for the Genesis Flood. Now let’s take a closer look at evidence number one.
        After we read in Genesis 7 that all the high hills and the mountains were covered by water, and all air-breathing life on the land was swept away and perished, the answer to the question above should be obvious. Wouldn’t we expect to find rock layers all over the earth that are filled with billions of dead animals and plants that were rapidly buried and fossilized in sand, mud, and lime? Of course, and that’s exactly what we find.
        Marine Fossils High above Sea Level
        It is beyond dispute among geologists that on every continent we find fossils of sea creatures in rock layers which today are high above sea level. For example, we find marine fossils in most of the rock layers in Grand Canyon. This includes the topmost layer in the sequence, the Kaibab Limestone exposed at the rim of the canyon, which today is approximately 7,000–8,000 feet (2,130–2,440 m) above sea level.1 Though at the top of the sequence, this limestone must have been deposited beneath ocean waters loaded with lime sediment that swept over northern Arizona (and beyond).
        Other rock layers exposed in Grand Canyon also contain large numbers of marine fossils. The best example is the Redwall Limestone, which commonly contains fossil brachiopods (a clam-like organism), corals, bryozoans (lace corals), crinoids (sea lilies), bivalves (types of clams), gastropods (marine snails), trilobites, cephalopods, and even fish teeth.2

      • TruthSayer says:

        Please take a Geology class to reduce your ignorance of how the earth was formed. Yes there are fossils on mountain tops because there were many reorientations of the earth during the 5 billion years since the earth was formed. Snelling is a shill for the Creation Science outfit in Kentucky.

    • TruthSayer says:

      My response to you is to read the response Kelvin posted just below yours.

    • TruthSayer says:

      How do you know the earth is finite? That it requires a creator? If . God is infinite, timeless, and eternal; by being infinite and outside of time, then so is the universe. It has always existed, just like God. So there!

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        TruthSayer…I’m going to say what I think your saying in my own simplistic words…If the Universe has an end then GOD himself also has an end because it is taught that He ENCOMPASSES the “Totality” of the Universe? When and IF “Time” should end so does GOD “cease” to exist because it is said that He dwells in the Eternity of TIME? What do you think? Did I hit the nail with the hammer on its head?

      • TruthSayer says:

        “… because it is said that He dwells in the Eternity of TIME?” requires a “He” in the first place.Since there is no “He”, the sentence is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter that “it is said” because people that speak nonsense don’t say anything that even needs to be discussed or considered or debated. Nuff said.

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        The “He” is NOT ridiculous Truthsayer because it is one of “MANY” Ways human beings such as myself can make what is invisible and intangible real? So DON’T get “hung up” on he she…that is NOT the Point!? The POINT is that GOD’S Existence is LIMITED to Time & Space? Am I clear?

      • TruthSayer says:

        No… you are not clear nor apparently was I. My point was that there is no god and hence no reason to refer to a “he”. This site is getting filled up with nonsense such as we are engaging in. Instead of this inane wordplay, why don’t you tell my how you rationalize the FACT that your God, in spite of all the qualities you attribute to him/her/it allows priests to rape little boys? Again, what point is there to a god that doesn’t prevent atrocities like that? Further proof… he/she/it allowed millions of his “chosen” people to be slaughtered by the Nazis.

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        You don’t need to reply! GOD does NOT exist in your Ideology and that is your “Birthright” to chose what you will and will NOT Believe in! However, you are too “SENSITIVE/AMGRY” in response to contrary/opposing Ideology!? Anchor your “emotions” in your Ideology in Peace and have a mature conversation with others about your Beliefs. This is my advice to you! Now you can “unplug” me!

      • TruthSayer says:

        While I said I wouldn’t reply I am going to. Your comments struck a chord. You are right about the anger in my response. My wife (of 53 years) says the same thing. I’m going to try to do better.

        But… I would still like to see people respond to the fact presented in the post; that is how do you reconcile your belief in a presummable loving god who permits his mouthpieces, priests, to molest children?

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        Thank you TruthSayer for accepting my words in peace. If it is possible, please consider this Wisdom that I currently live by and understand? GOD is the Reason for ALL the Pain and Sorrow and Death “we” see NO MATTER what Name HE goes by because HE “CLAIMS” ABSOLUTE Knowledge and “ABSOLUTE” POWER & CONTROL Over the Evil Forces that exist in our World. And because HE “WILLFULLY” PLANTED the “SEEDS OF EVIL FOR OUR DESTRUCTION” with “PERFECT” KNOWLEDGE; therefore, HE IS “SOLELY” RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY EVIL THING THAT HAS HAPPEN TO US!!! To quote the Christian Messiah words Jesus from John 1:3 “ALL THINGS were made by Him; and WITHOUT Him was not any thing made that was made.” The “Evil Forces and Spirits” that EXIST in this World and in OUR personal lives were CREATED BY THE CHRISTIAN GOD JEHOVAH and the Human Messiah Jesus Christ!!! For WITHOUT Jesus was NOT ANYTHING that has been made! Lastly, since JEHOVAH “CLAIMS” there is NO OTHER GOD in EXISTENCE and that HE ALONE IS GOD; therefore, HE MUST ASSUME “TOTAL” RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE EXISTENCE OF EVIL!!! I Hope this helps you to channel your anger and disappointment. It helps me tremendously because what has happened to me I did NOTHING to bring such Evil upon myself!!! Good luck TruthSayer, I wish you great success in channeling your anger and hurt in the right direction? You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT when you say NO LOVING & CARING GOD would SUBJECT Mankind to the Atrocities that the Evil Forces/Beings has subjected us to. GOD IS “EVIL”!!!

      • Fred says:

        Earth and everything in it is CREATION; It’s simple logic, a BOOK is proof for a WRITER, even if we don’t see him/her and DESIGN is proof for a DESIGNER. The same applies to CREATION it has a CREATOR.

      • TruthSayer says:

        Infantile logic!

    • Vanessa says:

      BG…I LOVE Your “EXPRESSION” in #3!!! IT IS “intellectually” “WELL”-STATED!” I would like to answer the #3 question in this manner. GOD was “Created” BY & THRU “TIME” for WITHOUT “TIME”; GOD could NOT and would NOT EXIST; Therefore, TIME IS GOD more so than the One who claims HE is the Beginning & the End!!! This is the “EGG” BEFORE the “Chicken” Wisdom!? The identification Name label came AFTER and NOT Before, IF JehovahGOD is the Beginning of ALL Things that EXIST!?

  10. BG says:

    #1- You are committing the obvious and most common fallacy when you made the comment about molesting children.
    Number 1- Many, many Christians (including myself) are not Catholic (trust me- I have many, many issues with Catholicism).

    Number 2- The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are the complete opposite of a priest molesting anyone. If you are a parent….. you have a boy….. and your raise that boy the right way. You do everything in your power to show him right from wrong. And yet, that boy goes out and rapes an underage girl. Or maybe he goes on a shooting spree, killing innocent people. Does that fall on you, as a wonderful parent? Of course not. My point is- those action of weak mortals do not reflect on the teachings of Christ- we are given 100% free will- it’s either 0 or 100….. no in-between.

    And as far as “there is no God”…. I’ll leave you with 2 more posts- 1 with several arguments for a theistic god, and several arguments for the Christian God. These are only a few of many- but it is a good start.

    • tomschaber says:

      YOu have totally missed the point re #1. It doesn’t matter if you are catholic. A man who many believe speaks for and to God, one who many people place their faith, committed the most atrocious act while God watched.

    • All kinds of statements in both O.T.and N. T. about buying and selling slaves (though changed to servant to confuse those who want to believe just “servants). No real God could condone slavery but nothing any where in Bible and no commandment against enslaving people and declaring property!!

    • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

      BG… Please take a look at Proverb 8:1-3; 22-27 and Keyword Verse: 30 for the identification of Jesus Christ. Now compare these Scriptures to His Testimony of Himself found in St. John 8:58 and St. John 1:3. Upon analyzing these Scriptures I have concluded that Jesus Christ is the Female (SHE) aspect of JehovahGOD’s POWERS OF CREATION Named: “Wisdom” in the Beginning BEFORE Creation. This explains how JehovahGOD can BE the Womb which is the “INCUBATOR of LIFE” and the Penis (the Source) at the SAME time? In other words, BEFORE Jesus was made Human flesh, if that is True; HE EXISTED IN THE FORM OF A “WOMB” which Represents the Female (SHE) part that is TRANSLATED Into “WORD”!? “In the Beginning was the WORD and the WORD was WITH GOD and the WORD was GOD; the SAME was in the Beginning WITH GOD?” (St. John 3:1). What are YOUR Thoughts and Opinions on My Analysis? I look forward to hearing from YOU on this Subject matter?

  11. frank says:

    trust me when you are about to die you will reach to God because you will be scared.

    • Bernard says:

      Trust me!!! Nothing will happen after you call out!!!

      • Vanesssa Mitchell says:

        Lol… that’s funny Bernard! And IT is the Truth!!! You’ll meet angels and demons and citizens of Heaven before you meet God!!? Lol… lol…

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