Why Do You Love, Worship and Praise A God Who…

Allowed six million of the Children of Israel, his “chosen” people, to be slaughtered by Hitler


permits young virgin girls to become sex slaves;

Intentionally causes some children to be born with birth defects;
Exodus 4:11   And the LORD said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the LORD?

allows millions of children (and adults) to starve to death;

  • intentionally visits cruel, debilitating chronic diseases like cholera, measles, typhoid, malaria, Aids, Parkinson’s and  Huntington’s disease upon unlucky individuals;

  • periodically causes the earth to shift causing bloodshed, death and years of suffering

You may believe in “God” but why do you even speak to him after all his indifference to human suffering?

Would you speak to me if I watched and allowed your daughter to be tortured and raped?

What good is he if he doesn’t help us in these cases?

In short, how do you reconcile the claims of faith with the facts of life?

6 comments on “Why Do You Love, Worship and Praise A God Who…

  1. Ken Morgan says:

    The importence of god means no god

  2. Satan says:

    Maybe if God did not put me and the demons in them they would not try to blame Him for what we are doing.

  3. Chad Jefferson says:

    Why would God want tyrannical leaders like Obama to use Isaiah 29:21 make a man an offender for a word to punish men who compliment ladies breasts and cleavages? Why would a loving God want people to be cruelly ruled over by a wicked and satanic government?

  4. Zira237 says:

    I have never been able to understand this. I was raised in a strict Christian family. If I even dared to challenge ‘God’ even if out of critical thinking I would be sent back to Sunday School,Church, or read the Bible,sometimes writing down a chapter. I don’t know why my family didn’t give me ‘freedom of speech’ yes I know that atheism is strictly against the rules of this religion and I frequently hear ‘ you’re going to hell’ when I ask why my 9 year old sister says because ‘God loves you is what mommy said’ they also frequently accuse me of trying to ‘turn their children into devil worshippers’ when I’m not saying or doing anything but sitting alone with them playing. What did I do to them? I’m glad that they finally accepted that I’m atheist and I don’t mind them being Christian. They were probably just agitated because their religion was ‘threatened'(when it wasn’t)
    But the only reason I’m atheist is because I had investigated both sides of the story when I first had my doubts. I don’t think the Christian God is evil. I’m just not sure of his existence. Thanks,for the article. Good day. 😉

    • charles coryn says:

      Thank you for an excellent reply. Truth is, I think, is that we are all brainwashed, or indoctrinated, into religion because religion is the social ‘glue’, or common belief, that all members of the group know from birth. No outsider can infiltrate your community without this knowledge, this is the primary purpose of a religious belief system. This developed over hundreds of thousands of years of our evolution as hunting and gathering groups. It developed and functioned well all those years until the scientific era, when the scientific method became the accepted way to evaluate reality. One has only to read the OT to know it is fiction, devised for the said purpose of identity and control of the population. It’s better for it not to be truth or reality, I believe to be the case. For obvious reasons…… for we are committed to scientific truth and reality, as corroborated and agreed upon.

  5. Leo says:

    When I plant a seed, and the tree grows. Is it my fault that the wind comes and breaks branches?
    Is is my responsibility for the birds and insects that damage the fruit? Likewise is it my fault when my children receive injury, hardship in the manner of their own lives. Your false premise is that G-d is responsible for every little thing that happens, rather than the G-d that manifested the universe from outside of time and space. And within this universe various messengers have received inspiration from the Source, as much as their species and time and culture can relate too.

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