Paul explained the death of Jesus like this:  The  crucifixion  (sacrifice) of Jesus was a blood sacrifice to atone for sins. (Romans 5:8-9). The concept of sacrifice goes back thousands of years. It was always meant to appease the Gods for some perceived transgression. Christians today recognize that the pagan rituals of sacrifice were nonsense. But the sacrifice of Jesus …. well, that’s different.

Our questions about sin are…

  • How can there be “original sin” without Adam and Eve. Given the fact of evolution, Adam and Eve never existed and therefore, could not have initiated “original sin”.
  • Ignoring that most basic fact, we’ll pretend that Adam and Eve did exist. That however does not solve the problem of the origin of sin.
    • Eve had no basis for recognizing or distinguishing God from a serpent. How was Eve supposed to know who to trust?
    • How does the fact that Eve quite naturally did what the serpent told her instead of what some invisible man told her, become my problem (sin)?
    • How does God killing himself (or his “only begotten son”) in order to save us from himself, atone for my alleged  sin? Exactly what is the process? Is it not just because God says so? Could he not have chosen another method of saving us from himself?
  • Is it not the least bit suspicious that the sacrifice for sin is just a continuation of a belief that is thousands of years old?

One comment on “Sin?

  1. Thank You Kevodesign… God Bless You (tongue in cheek) If it is truly objective, then the fact that there was no Exodus will have added support.

    WHOOPS… There is now (1/14/2015) a website for the movie. I DO believe it will present both “sides” of the issue. I have read excerpts from some of the presenters so I pretty well know what will be said. “It will be up to the audience to decide based on the evidence presented”. ‘

    Based on the trailers and clips I have seen, they don’t even present some of the compelling “evidence” that I present; e.g. water for 1.5 million people = Millions of gallons of water a day. From where? A rock? How distributed? Or what about sanitation: 1.5 million people and their cattle would produce a lot of excrement and urine. What about communication? ETC.

    These are practical problems that are unanswerable and prove there could not have been an Exodus. I don’t need to watch the movie. I KNOW the answer. There was no Exodus.

    I did go to the movie. It was not balanced; it was a snow job. It “proved” there was an Exodus. I left 3/4 of the way through to a chorus of boos as I shouted out why the movie was wrong.

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