Bill Gates Is More Godlike than God

The Truth Is…

Bill Gates is more Godlike than God.

Bill Gates, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  is actively trying to reduce the human suffering felt throughout the world.  Warren Buffett has pledged his billions to the foundation. Both of them have embarked on a campaign to solicit other billionaires to be more aware of the human condition.

The “tag line” from the foundation:


From the brochure:
Our foundation is teaming up with partners around the world to take on some tough problems: extreme poverty and poor health in developing countries, the failures of America’s education system. We focus on only a few issues because we think that’s the best way to have great impact, and we focus on these issues in particular because we think they are the biggest barriers that prevent people from making the most of their lives.

Here’s the link to the foundation:

Where is God?
On the other hand, God, whose last documented appearance was approximately 3500 years ago when he was tormenting Job in order to win a bet with Satan, has totally ignored human suffering. He has allowed human suffering to increase and has made no attempt to reduce human suffering, extreme poverty, poor health, birth defects, mental retardation ad infinitum. Death and suffering caused by disease, natural disasters, et. al. is increasing as a result of God’s indifference to mankind’s suffering.

Shouldn’t God try to be more like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett?

9 comments on “Bill Gates Is More Godlike than God

  1. Chris says:

    Whoever wrote this tripe and actually believes it, is in for a surprise. Please, please, please, consider actually picking up a Bible, not some weirdly written and interpreted Bible, but pick one up and actually read it and study it. Ask God to reveal you the truth, and you’ll see how off this comment is. I’d almost think this comment was a joke, but I gather that it is not. Bill Gates is a human, a very faulty human who has done many very questionable things. We are all faulty, yes, but we definitely know he is not God. Let’s just start by saying, the Lord is One, and it is not Bill Gates… By any stretch of the imagination. The actions of the man verge into the realm of serving the adversary.

    • Odds Bodkins says:

      Bill Gates has spent much of his adult life helping save the lives of children dying from malaria. Malaria is the most devistating disease known to man. It has killed at least 1 billion people over human recorded history and probably many much more deaths than that. Sadly, most of those people have brown skin and live on or near the equator and the majority of the deaths are children. I guess your god has it in for brown skinned people and small children. In the 20th century alone almost 300 million people have died from malaria.

      What has your god done to aleviate the carnage malaria has waged on human history? Nothing. If you believe your god designed the universe and everything in it then he designed the perfect system to kill as many people in the most effecient manner possible…with the bite of a small mosquitoe…an insect that reproduces by the billions every year.

      And you cannot blame human “sin” for this. Scientists have found mosquitoes and the pathogens for malaria perfectly preserved and incased in drops of amber that are 44 to 60 million years old. This is before humans evolved.

      So yes, Bill Gates has done more to help humanity than your invisible god.

      By the way, your religious platitudes and Biblical quotes are meaningless when your invisible god never appears or is powerless to stop the deaths of children. He either doesn’t exist or is a bumbling incompetent fool not worth worshiping.

  2. Chikondi kadyaudzu says:

    Thank God

  3. Kim bailey says:

    What fools! Anyone that robs his best buddy to gain his wealth isn’t by any means like God! He’s like another god! The one of this world ‘satan’! No man is worthy of such honor! In the near future you will see things come to this earth that will stop the hearts of young mean,due to the horror! You and others like you will the behold the very Real God you mock! Where’s God! Have you read this in the bible? It says that you’d say just that very thing! We Gods children Know Where He’s at! He’s been with us since we asked him to come! You suffer at your own will! Not by Gods will! He gave us all of himself so that we could live! He gave you his life and word! It’s your stupidity for not accepting and recieving him! You doctors heal your selfs! Soon you’ll beg for rocks to fall on you to hide you from The Most High God! Woe to you if you don’t repent for this garbage you wrote! People act like a bunch of devils! Gays marring! Anything goes! Filthy mouths and minds murders adultiers child molesters men having sex with beast too! My goodness you’re quite right! Where’s God! It seem everyone’s gone hog wild! You wonder where God is? He wasn’t in sodom either! Do you think he’s going to come help a bunch of whores that whores after all he hates and warns us about NOT DOING! What have all of us done so great to even deserve him to look upon us? Think about it? What have you done for God? So why do you dare question where he is! You threw him out! Along with all morality! Repent I tell you for your own sake! God The Lord Jesus loves you! Change,before it’s too late! You inturpute Gods word without guidance of The Holy Spirit, no doubt you’d come to this conclusion! Until you change from this day forward you shall not prosper whatever you shall put your hand to shall fail! Repent for this! god loves you! And you owe him all! He gave us all! I hold my head in shame! I was once like you in a way, I was blessed and saved, I don’t know why, so I judge you not, I’m saddened and ashamed that someone would be so passionate about evil! May God have mercy on your souls!

    • Victor Musial says:

      Hang on a sec Kim. You said “We Gods children Know Where He’s at! (sic) He’s been with us since we asked him to come!”
      If you asked him to come, logically that would mean that “you” roamed this Earth without the benefit of his “creating” you, or rather your ancestors – you know – monkeys.
      Additionally, if you’re not judging the authors, why did you call them “stupid”? You also say that “God The Lord Jesus Loves you!” Again you contradict yourself you say that God will not help whores. Somewhere I recall that God was loving and merciful. Oops, looks like God’s playbook is Animal Farm. All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others. Let’s face it Kim, can God love all 7 billion people on the planet? Can he answer every prayer? Is he some sort of incorporeal being? Where is the physical location of Heaven, of Hell? Where is Satan? Most be another incorporeal being.
      Moreover, if God wrote the Bible, why did he let it be changed and edited so many times, and with a whole heap load of stuff left out? I suppose that the men who put the Bible together knew better than God as to what should be included. And when you say “May God have mercy on your souls!” – which God are you talking about? Many different religions around the world worship different Gods. You’re taking it on faith that yours is the only true God – my God is better than your God I guess is what you’re saying. Is this the same God who inspired untold numbers of people to kill others in His name, and then be killed themselves? What a guy. To inspire that kind of behavior, and promote a doctrine that tells us to hate homosexuals, and everyone else who is different from you, is a “God” I cannot, and will not have any respect for. If he does in fact exist, that is.

    • Response to Kim Bailey
      If God is so great, why is he not doing more to alleviate poverty and disease? Like Bill Gates is doing. Mr. Gates has repented his sins and is giving all his money to the poor; just as Jesus said he should. I assume you are doing the same.

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