There Is A Santa Claus

The Truth Is

While we know that God is a figment of man’s imagination,
we also know that Santa Claus is real.

Here is the evidence:

Santa Claus, like God

  • listens to your requests
  • brings you gifts, but not always what you ask for.
  • will only bring you gifts if you have been good.
  • will only bring you gifts if you believe.
  • can be in all places at the same time; that is how…
  • delivers gifts to believers all over the world within the space of one day.
  • has elves (angels) that help him make gifts, evaluate the worthy, etc.
  • delivers your gifts in mysterious and unfathomable ways, including flying reindeer.
  • cannot be seen actually delivering your gifts.

So how do we know that Santa Claus exists?

Because we have actually received things we asked for from Santa Claus.
When the Supreme Truthsayer was six, he asked for and received a projector that actually projected 16mm movie cartoons on the window shade. That was all the proof he needed. It is a lot more substantive than any evidence the “faithful” have.

7 comments on “There Is A Santa Claus

  1. helenpinkham says:

    Santa even has a ‘devil-like’ counterpart called Krampus. Only found this out recently. Google it!

  2. Santa Claus was a real saint to deliver gifts to the poor.

  3. MelC says:

    As Santa is an anagram for Satan, there must be a biblical connection

  4. chrsitian says:

    U will learn Jesus very soon , he will still save u , since he loves u !!!

    • I am so happy to learn that Jesus loves me. Thank you. But, I have to ask… why is he willing to torture me for eternity if he loves me? I would NEVER do that to ANYONE, let alone someone I loved. Is it because I am not able to believe the malarkey that you believe? Maybe gaWd sent me a strong delusion so that I would believe a lie.2 Thessalonians 2:11
      God does that you know and Jesus thanks him for doing so.Luke 10:21. So, where is the love again?

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