Why Did God Make a Faulty World?

Earthquakes and Tsunamis are caused by faults in the earth’s crust. The Indian Ocean tsunami generated by the most powerful earthquake in decades on December 26, 2004  is believed to have killed more than 250,000 people and made millions homeless

A woman mourns the devastation of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, in northern Japan on March 13.

Our question:

  • Since he is perfect, why did God make an imperfect world with faults? .

11 comments on “Why Did God Make a Faulty World?

  1. saadsgsdh says:


    • Aje olokun says:

      Why do you want the page shut down? , would it be because it challenges ur beliefs : which we all just strongly resent . The page is excellent for thot provocation and it looks to me that you don’t like this either.

    • Gunnygary says:

      Shut this page down? don’t underestimate him? You are so screwed up hateful mean and ignorant, if you really believed in the Bible you sure don’t act like it

  2. aksdlgj says:


  3. Bill says:

    This world as it stands is ruled by a strong influence of evil, we also know this outside what the Bible preaches because we live and breathe it. Unfortunately that’s the system we are stuck with due to sin according to the Bible.

    There are many things to consider about why things happen:
    One thing in relation to this thread would be – Think about all the Trillions of litres of oil being pumped from the ground for the greed of money.. What takes it’s place ? Is it possible this could be causing earthquakes and ground movement ? Surely Billions & Trillions of litres of oil being pumped out must have some effect.

    Now were there is mass amounts of money who could fight against it even if they had evidence. They would be ripped apart those receiving the money. So in massive monetary situations like this nothing can be done to stop it. If the massive amounts of oil being pumped from the earth were causing any problems nobody could stop it anyway. That’s called evil and that’s the system we are living in.

    • What the hell does your diatribe on the evils of corporate greed have to do with the lies found in the bible?

      Why don’t you answer the question? Why did God make a faulty world? One that has “faults” that cause earthquakes, tsunamis, earthquakes, drought, famine, tornadoes, cyclones, floods, etc?
      Since you believe that God is in control of everything and that everything happens according to his will, you have to give him credit for the faulty world he created.

      • Little Bird says:

        I speculate based on nothing factual other than what I have observed here on earth than if man were to encounter another planetary body supporting some sort of life,.. We would observe similar planetary effects as earthquakes, volcanoes etc. We see these planetary effects on planets void of life as we know it.

    • Frank Trevor says:

      Bill: What utter rubbish. Avail yourself of some easy to find knowledge of geology. Earthquakes are caused by shifting tectonic plates – look it up. Volcanoes are caused by the fact that beneath the outer crust of the earth is the mantle, sludgy hot layer of magma and other semi-solid rocks and minerals which forces itself outwards (causing volcanic eruptions). Weather causes hurricanes, tornadoes, drought and floods. Where does the evil come from with all of these?

      As God was the architect and builder he must be responsible – so he must either be evil or extremely incompetent. He also invented weather. Being omniscient he knows the future therefore knows when and where natural disasters are going to happen. Evil or incompetent, he sits and does nothing.

    • Aje olokun says:

      I kind of understand your argument however u fail to see that evil is not a factor at all rather human greed is . I personally am one, who doesn’t think the woes of the world has anything to do with a God . From my little metaphysical knowledge : there is a creative prime intelligence behind all of the universe and at the dawn of time it ( the intelligence) set in place universal laws by which d entire universe is guided . if u live in harmony with these laws you get blessed if on the other hand u violate d laws u r cursed ( I perceive that it is this law dat forms d foundation of Deuteronomy 28.)
      The problems of mankind are caused by man and only man can fix the earth not God ,angels deities or whatever else you may have. Our world is a reflection of our inner lives . the quicker we realise we live in a world of cause and effect the quicker we can resolve our colossal collective problems.

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