Our Doctrinal Position-Old Version

The Core Truths of The Church of Truth™

It is the Mission of The Church of Truth™ to reveal the incorrect science, the historical inaccuracies, the inconsistencies and the false promises of the Judeo-Christian beliefs in order to free persons of all faiths from the tyranny of their religion.

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Other Derivative Truths Revealed

All of the above statements are true. We would love to see EVIDENCE*  to the contrary.

Until comparatively recently, the Bible was accepted as the word of God by most Jews and Christians, and therefore scholarly works dealing with it concentrated on its interpretation. In the 19th century CE, the “Age of Reason,” scholars began subjecting the biblical texts to linguistic, textual, and literary analysis, noting inconsistencies and interrupted rhythms, comparing styles, and placing the text within the archaeological, historical and geographical background.

*EVIDENCE : facts obtained from non-biblical sources.

8 comments on “Our Doctrinal Position-Old Version

  1. Ed Maine says:

    The existence of Atheists does not prove there is no God. The existence of evil does not prove there is no God. The “Church of Truth” (CoT) doctrine is Atheism. How about the CoT tell us what is the moral compass humankind should follow for the future society?

  2. Jim Kendall says:

    How have you defined truth?

  3. Jeffrey Ouellette says:

    I’ll add this so whom ever reads this when you went and sinned, your telling me you never got convicted by the Holy Spirit? No matter what your answer is your a liar.

  4. Jeffrey Ouellette says:

    Why if so many want to question God that these things will come to pass? I’m proof. I’m a watchman and God told me so. He has even talked to me Him doing the talking. We are a few months away from Him changing the world. And not long after other events He will pour His wrath upon this world and most wicked around will perish for His worthy will be with Him in heaven. And what people is left will have to prove on a different scale their worthyness. And whom is left Jesus will cut short for very few will be left alive. Doesn’t that prove He loves us. He gave us the key in the Holy Spirit and we denied all Three of Them. So where are you in believing in Their word?
    Why did God show me things in the Bible I had never heard or read. And no one is listening to my message, how about you?

  5. Todd W says:

    Finally a website that tells the dang truth for once! I used to be a Christian up until the age of 40, until I actually read the UNHOLY BIBLE from start to finish, and if that is the Word of God, then phuck that bipolar horrifying man in the sky. That Bible was terrifying to say the least, all the things done in the name of God, that I realized it was truly the WORD OF CRAZY MEN! If those men where alive today, they would likely be in mental institutions, oh wait, those are called CHURCHES, lol. I realized Christianity and most religions where false beliefs and placebos about a heavenly paradise, that does NOT EXIST, as nobody has ever returned to document it. And Jesus never existed outside the Bible, so he was an invented Messiah with a new name in the Bible, from past religions. After I recycled my bibles a few times while reading that Horror Book, I finally decided to burn my bible to make SMORES! Then I searched for God in all the other religions and going back to 10,000 years ago with ancient peoples to read what they believed. It’s the same old God and Messiah story going back to at least the Eqyptian empire, and before that, they just change the names in the FICTIONAL BOOKS. Once I realized that there is NO GOD, NO JESUS, NO HEAVEN, NO AFTERLIFE, NO FAMILY OR FRIENDS IN THE THEREAFTER……it changed my perspective on life, after I recovered from the religious lies and fairy tales all my life. God and Jesus and Allah and whoever are no different than Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Bigfoot, and UFO’s. We only get ONE LIFE to live in this world, so we have to make the best of it while we can, before we enter the NOTHINGNESS again. We are a Biological being, not a Spiritual being, and we don’t have a Soul either, it was all invented to make humans more docile and okay with oppression awaiting HEAVEN where everything is WONDERFUL and DREAMY. What makes me upset with realizing there is NO GOD or AFTERLIFE, is that people who take other peoples lives, especially children, means they are GONE FOR GOOD. Those people that kill others and commit suicide will NEVER be judged or have to live with that when they are dead. The Universe is NOT JUST or MORAL, and it has no Conscious, the Earth could be struck with a huge asteroid, and wipe out most life as we know it, like the Dinosaurs, and that is it, game over for humans. No God, No Savior, to rescue us, it solely lies in the hands of the 7 billion people on this planet, uniting as ONE, without religious dogma that divide us all. People need to believe in ONESELF and HUMANITY as a whole, as worshiping & praying to an imaginary God is the complete opposite of positive action in the world. The Church does great things for people in lending assistance, but there is a catch, that you have to believe their religion that was based upon lies that have continued for at least 2,000 years. The TRUTH has to be told, as people should be whoever they want to be, and love who they want, as long as they don’t hurt others. All LIFE should be valued on this planet equally.

    • MelC says:

      With an estimated 8 billion habitable planets in our galaxy, and an hundreds of billions of other galaxies in the Universe, it’s stunning that humans believe they are the epitome of creation and thought of as special by any god. Man’s hubris is the only thing that comes close to the immensity of the known Universe.

    • Jeffrey Ouellette says:

      You were a fool. You went 40 yrs and you should have went the rest of you life. Sorry for your loss.

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