God – The Failed Hypothesis

What follows is a summary of the book “God, The Failed Hypothesis – How Science Shows that God Does Not Exist” by Victor J. Stenger,  2007, Prometheus Books.

Obviously, this is a work in process.

The basic premise is that in science, a theory can be falsified by the occurrence of one “thing” that refutes the theory. As an example, the theory of evolution would be falsified and discarded if we were to find human fossils in rock that is more than 10 billion years old.

There are a hundreds of “things” that falsify the theory of God.


God cannot yet be disproved, but at least we can dismiss angels, demons, ghosts and Santa Claus. And if miracles were real, far from proving the existence of God, they would actually disprove it. After all, if the laws of nature do not always apply—if the dead return from the grave—then anything is possible and no God is required to maintain the order of the universe, because there isn’t any order.


In fact, scientists had better hope that the supernatural doesn’t exist, because if it did, all scientific experiments could be invalidated. How would we know that a positive result was caused by the phenomenon the scientists were investigating, or by some lab worker who silently prayed for the outcome, or by an invisible imp lurking in the corner? Should scientists call Ghostbusters to sweep their labs before each experiment? What, then, about spooky action at a distance?

One comment on “God – The Failed Hypothesis

  1. Bill says:

    Watch “Benny Hinn Miracles” from Google or Youtube. No evidence? then watch Benny Hinn.

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