No Flood

The Bible presents a fantastic story of Noah and the Ark in which one man, Noah,following God’s command, builds an Ark to God’s specifications and puts one pair (or seven additional pairs) of each “kind” on the Ark. The all survive for over a year on the Ark and then repopulate the earth.

The Truth Is…

There was no flood and there was no Ark

  1. Noah was a stone age hunter-gatherer
    Using the bible’s own words, we learn that Noah was the ninth generation after Adam and Eve. Thus, he would have been a stone-age hunter-gatherer totally invested in finding food and shelter every day. It would have been impossible for him to find time to build an Ark. If one asserts that Noah was not a stone age man, then please educate me on which generation of Adam’s progeny generated the millions of stone age artifacts that we have today.
  2. Ark couldn’t be built
    Again, using the bible’s own words, we can deduce that the flood was in 2344 BCE* and we know that Noah was a stone age man. How then, is it possible to build an Ark to the tolerances required using the stone tools and technology** available at that time? No wooden ship has ever approached the size of the Ark.
  3. Population of over millions just four years after the flood? NOT!
    If the flood was in 2344 BCE, how  did the earth’s population go from eight people to the prosperous and powerful civilizations of Egypt, Sumer and Minoa that we know existed in 2340? India and China had large populations in 2300. We know that the Hsia Dynasty ruled in China around 2300. How is all that possible if there were only eight people alive in 2344? How did the Chinese get to China?
    Be aware that the earth would have been a sodden mess. after the flood, no food, no drinkable water, ad infinitum.
  4. Unexpected guests just seven days before departure.
    Only seven days before the deluge, God instructed Noah to bring seven times the number of clean animals he originally told Noah to prepare for. (Genesis 7:2-4).  Can you imagine planning to house and feed, let’s say 15,000- “kinds” (according to creation “scientist” John Woodmorappe*** – real scientists say at least a million)    then having 105,000 show up? And you only have seven days to accommodate the increased number of guests? Again impossible.
  5. What about the plants?
    Nothing is ever said about the plants. If you assume they were brought into the ark – even though nothing is said about them – you have just introduced a whole additional set of problems (space, soils, water, sunlight, ad infinitum), easily imaginable so we won’t elaborate. Some say Noah brought seeds – same problem; how did he get them, preserve them, take them back to their native habitats? The seeds did not “come to Noah” as the animals did. If you say they weren’t brought into the ark, then they all died in the flood too. How then did the plants regenerate themselves after a year underwater with no sun? Impossible.
  6. Noah sacrificed the animals!
    Most people are unaware of the “seven days, seven times more than I told you” impossible conundrum that Genesis (7:2-4) presents.  But, if they chose to dismiss that problem, they are left with an even worse one because Noah “builded an altar unto the LORD; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar.” Genesis 8:20.

    Now, if there were only two (male and female) of every clean beast, how is it possible for the animal kingdom to have rebuilt itself if Noah “took of every clean beast… and offered burnt offerings on the alter” … ?

These are just six of the more than 100 points that we present in the treatise, “The Nonsense of Noah” which can be found here.

None of the approximately 100 other points have any rational explanation either. None of them can be answered with anything other than “God can do anything”. Every aspect of the Noah story requires a miracle from God. But why then did God need Noah? He used Noah as his agent yet didn’t allow Noah to do anything on his own. God intervened at every turn if one is to believe the Noah fable. God could have just started over from scratch. Why didn’t he? “God works in mysterious ways” I guess. So far that’s the only response

There is another well reasoned refutation of the Noah fable published by the National Center for Science Education. “The Impossible Voyage of Noah’s Ark”, raises many of the same questions we do. It has the added creditability of being thoroughly referenced; unlike our observations which are just common sense.

Now, one last question but we will answer it:

Why did God kill all the innocent animals?.

Answer: Because the Jewish flood story is designed to top all the other flood stories of the day and you can’t have a worldwide flood without having to kill all the animals.

*BCE –   When was the flood?

Using the timeline presented in the Bible, the flood would have been about 4300 years ago. The Biblical data places the Flood at 2304 BC +/- 11 years. This date is confirmed by no less an authority than the supreme “Creationist” website, Answers In Genesis.

Generation Date Born
0                 4000 – God created Adam
1                 3870 – Seth, son of Adam born
2                 3765 – Enos, son of Seth born
3                 3675 – Cainan, son of Enos born
4                 3605 – Mahalaleel, son of Cainan born
5                 3540 – Jared, son of Mahalaleel born
6                 3378 – Enoch, son of Jared born
7                 3313 – Methuselah, son of Enoch born
8                 3126 – Lamech, son of Methuselah born
9                 2944 – Noah, son of Lemech born

2344 – The flood. Genesis 7:6 “And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth“.
2343 – Flood ended, waters receded

**Technology Requirements For Building An Ark

Noah would have needed a thorough education in naval architecture and in fields that would not arise for thousands of years such as physics, calculus, mechanics, and structural analysis. There was no shipbuilding tradition behind him, no experienced craftspeople to offer advice. Where did he learn the framing procedure for such a structure? How could he anticipate the effects of roll, pitch, yaw, and slamming in a rough sea? How did he solve the differential equations for bending moment, torque, and shear stress? – Oh, I know… God provided all that knowledge to one man and then dispersed it over centuries later to others.

*** Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study
El Cajon: Inst. for Creation Research, 1996
298 pp.
By John Woodmorappe

By the way, Woodmorape’s use of the weasel word “kinds” implies evolution. How did we get from “kinds” to bonefide species? e.g. “cat” to leopard, lion, house cat, et al if not by evolution?


Evidence for “No Flood” rather than “common sense”

Consider this...
There is no question that the Egyptian pyramids were started in 2500 BC.
That puts the great pyramid at Giza being built BEFORE the flood; yet neither the great pyramid nor any of the others were destroyed in the flood.

Even more compelling is the fact that during Egypt’s sixth dynasty (2345 – 2181BCE i.e immediately AFTER the flood) there is incontrovertible evidence that there were 3 pyramids built: the pyramid of Teti  @ Saqqara for the Pharaoh Teti, the pyramid of Teti I  @ South Saqqara for Pharaoh Pepi I and the pyramid name @ location for the Pharaoh Merenre.

However, according to the Bible, immediately after the flood, 2304 BCE, there would have been only 8 people on the face of the soggy, barren earth. How then did those pyramids get built?

They were built by Egyptians who were alive because there never was a flood.

Pyramid of Teti, Reigned 2345–2333 BC, 6th Dynasty

Pyramid of Merenre, Reigned 2283–2278 BC? 11-13 years, 6th Dynasty

See this complete list of Egyptian Pyramids – hard evidence that there could not have been any world wide flood. The point: some were built before “the flood” and they are still intact; and some were built immediately after “the flood” when, presumably, only Noah and a few of his inbred relatives were on the earth.

8 comments on “No Flood

  1. Jerry Clark says:

    One small mistake made is that the sacrifice of any animals would not cause extinction. This is why SEVEN Clean animals were taken. Then when Noah took OF the clean animals to sacrifice he would have taken one to 5 animals….leaving 6 to 2 to survive.

  2. BG says:

    From a previous post-

    The Bible does not say it covered the entire globe.


    1- The flood was not GLOBAL, it was GREAT- but not Global…. it did not cover the entire planet. As the Bible said- it was a flood like any other- as long as it is bigger than any other flood in the history of mankind, then it agrees.

    2- The word “universal”- this word encompasses all members of a category or a group.

    3- The “world” then was much different than the “world” in 2019.

    4- In Hebrew, the word “eres” (which was used)- can mean “the earth” and it can also mean “the world.” These two meanings for “eres” are interchangeable.

    5- A few verses to show this:
    Genesis 41:57 NIV- “And all the world came to Egypt to by grain from Joseph, because the famine was severe elsewhere.”

    1 Kings 10:24 NIV- The whole world sought an audience with Solomon to hear the wisdom God had put in his heart.”

    Even in the New Testament:
    Acts 2:5 NIV- “Now they were staying in Jerusalem, God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven.”

    Romans 1:8 NIV- “First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world.”

    Also, check out the following verses (more of the same)
    Colossians 1:6
    2 Peter 2:5
    2 Peter 3:6

    6- The story- Genesis 6-9.

    7- A side note:
    It took Noah over 100 (120) years to build the Ark- so like everything else, God gave them plenty of time to repent/change their ways/etc.
    (1 Peter 3:20 and 2 Peter 2:5).

    An option/explanation-

    A- The Euphrates River and the Tigris River flow through the Mesopotamia (present day Iraq). In the southeastern region of the Mesopotamia, there are flood deposits found- up to 2.5-3.0 meters thick. Also, there are thick deposits along the Euphrates (southeast of Baghdad) which have dated back to approximately 2900 BC. Other flood deposits (around 2.5 meters thick) have been discovered 100-150 km south of Baghdad.

    B- This flood could have reached between 1-2 square kilometers (from the Euphrates and Tigris) more than 1500 km going from the Persian Gulf, all the way to Syria/Turkey-East Saudi Arabia-South Iran.

    C- All of the high land (which would have natural levees) would have completely flooded as well.

    D- In other words, there is evidence for this- and also within the time period (of a couple hundred years) that/when most experts say this Great Flood took place.

    E- After the rain, the lakes would have been enormous, and it would have taken months to drain (the Bible said it took around a year). There is evidence for extremely poor drainage in these present day areas of land/and bodies of water.

    F- THE CURVATURE OF THE EARTH- Many skeptics bring up the curvature of the Earth, and rightfully so. Obviously, the horizon drops in relation to where the person is standing- but the amount of drop depends on the distance between the person looking out, and the object/area the person is looking at.
    So, Noah, standing on the Ark, wouldn’t be able to recognize the peaks of any hills/mountains for a long period of time (and they would see nothing but water)- due to the curvature of the earth.

    • Jerry Clark says:

      You make the story sound like they were writing about a local big flood but still complete with a man in an ark….likely with dozens of local wild animals on board. That is doubtful as is everything else about the story like building a boat that large and for 100 years. When the shipbuilder laid down the first plank and then laid successive planks for 80-90 years he would find that those first planks would have rotted away. Rather than repent, the locals would have been laughing at his predicament.

  3. MelC says:

    The flood myth is an oldie but a goodie, and present in a number of cultures.

  4. Sam Massey says:

    I agree with you about the flood. I have condemned the
    flood in a different way. I have
    quite a few articles that agrees
    with you, but use different ways to say what you say.
    Sam Massey

    Check it out !

  5. Vern says:

    The flood waters covered the mountains 15 cubits, if my memory is correct. This is about the lower level of cruise altitude of modern commercial jets and the outside ambient air temperature is about MINUS 40 degrees F. “Poor old Noah”, in his old age, was kept busy stoking the wood stove God provided to keep from freezing to death !!

    • Jerry Clark says:

      Nope……the new sea level pushed up the atmosphere when it rose. Therefore the warming blanket of air rose with the sea level.

  6. Jero Jones says:

    To the author of this blog “No Flood.”
    I have to say that a great flood did occur, however, it may have been the flood that through ancient memories was handed down and became the great flood of the story of Noah! The flood I write about happened around 6,500 BCE or 8,500 years ago, which caused the British Isle to become an archipelago in North Atlantic, flooding the land mass between what is now Britain, and continental Europe. A land bridge known as Doggerland that once connected mainland Europe to Britain. Doggerland according to geological surveys stretched from Britain’s east coast to the Netherlands, Germany, and the Jutland peninsula (Denmark). Doggerland is also known as Britain’s Atlantis!
    Some scientist and scholars have hypothesized that a Tsunami created by doggerland flood travelled through the Mediterranean and breached the Bosporus land bridge/barrier and created the Black Sea. This all happened in the same time frame, which is quoted to have happened before 5,500 BCE. The story of a great flood is not mentioned before this period, and there are connection between the Black Sea and Mesopotamia, where the story of the flood was first mentioned. The British museum has a 3,700 year old clay tablet with instructions on how to construct a Round Arc.
    [] As I aforementioned that there is links between the Black Sea and Mesopotamia, one of the link I have already mentioned is the clay Round Arc tablet, which is of Mesopotamian or Babylonian origin. The origin of the Euphrates river is between the Black Sea and Lake Van. The book of Genesis 2:13 mentions the Gihon River, thought by scholars to be the Valley of the Araks River, although the Bible states that the Gihon is in Ethiopia. However, on that scholars say it is a geographical error, as the Bible places Eden, by stating: a river flows out of Eden and then it is divided into four branches, the rivers Euphrates, Tigris, Pishon, and Gihon. [Genesis 2:8-14] We know that the Euphrates and Tigris rivers or in Mesopotamia (meaning—between two rivers), which is mostly modern day Iraq, but also covers part of modern day Iran, Turkey, and Syria.
    Creationist scholars (probably coping Ussher chronology) believe the great flood happened in 2304 BCE.[] As you can see there is 4,800 years between the actual great flood in Europe, and the British museum clay tablet on the Round Arc, and almost 1,400 year between the tablet, and the Creationist timeline for the supposed great flood of Noah. Plenty of time (6,200 years) to create a myth about a flood, and a 950 year old man—named Noah!
    Regards Jero Jones

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