Every Christian Takes the Bible Literally

This page is a little choppy; it’s a response to a comment that accused the TruthSayer of taking the Bible literally whereas most Christians do not.

Here is the comment:

Your concept of “if any of it is wrong, all of it is wrong,” is really only an issue for literalists, people who take every word literally true. The majority of Christian denominations – including all the big ones – do not do this. The majority of Christians don’t take every word literally, which, in fact, it would be hard for anyone to do anyway as the Bible frequently admits it is speaking in metaphors. So while your argument is logical, it only applies to a comparatively small minority of Christians, almost all of whom are in the US.

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Every Christian Takes The Bible Literally

Many non fundamentalist Christians will disavow certain parts of the Bible. Some mumble things like “Oh I don’t believe much of the Old Testament, I just believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I don’t believe that stuff in Genesis”.

Well, if you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins, then you take literally, more of the Bible, especially Genesis,  than you admit.

Everyone takes the parts of the bible that they believe literally. To not take Genesis literally is to lose foundation elements of Christianity. You lose creation (all right – few believe in a 6 day creation),  Noah’s Ark, Jews in Egypt, 10 plagues,  Exodus, 10 Commandments, the tower of Babel, Abraham, Jacob, Sodom and Gomorrah.  All of these things were referenced by Jesus. He believed every jot and tittle of the Old Testament.

Very few Christians will renounce the 10 commandments even though the don’t believe the 6 day creation story.

Most of all, you lose the whole reason for Jesus – to free us from our sin. What sin? Why the sin of Adam and Eve. Without the sin of Adam and Eve, there is no reason for Jesus.

So, believers cherry pick which nonsensical bible stories they believe, they don’t take every one of them literally, but they take literally, those stories that support their belief.

Are Christians and Jews not taught that the Bible is the Word Of God? And, since the Bible is the “word of God”, edited and supervised by the Editor In Chief, the Holy Spirit, shouldn’t every word of it be taken literally? Why not?

“You Shouldn’t Take the Bible Literally, It’s Metaphor!”

No where in any of the Pentateuch is there any indication that any of it is a metaphor. I don’t recall anywhere in the NT where Jesus prefaces his remarks with “…and I am speaking metaphorically here”. It is up to the listener/reader to interpret that what he is saying is metaphorical. That gets very dicey. A metaphor to one is truth to another – especially if God is saying it.