New Testament Contradictions

The Secular Web presents writers of various persuasions. One such writer has done an excellent job of identifying the major contradictions found in the New Testament.  I will use his writings to very clearly lay out, much better than I could, the New Testament Contradictions.



5 comments on “New Testament Contradictions

  1. rapturesite says:

    #8 I wonder what it says that wasn’t in the canon

  2. rapturesite says:

    I’ve been back & forth with someone. Here’s one that proposes dead sea scrolls as trustworthy evidence.

  3. rapturesite says:

    Hey, how can the dead sea scrolls have both old testament & new & be considered the oldest manuscripts? How can it be dates years B.C to years after A.D?

  4. Rapture says:

    Hi, I just want some closure because many others are defending Christianity by saying cortex sinaticus was forged by Constantine etc…

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