A History Lesson About The Jesus Myth

Everything below is copied from Liam Scheff”s Website One Day You Wake-up …

Actually, since this is just an excerpt from his EXCELLENT expose, go THERE instead of reading this selection from his work.

Humiliated, Ground To Dirt And All But Broken, The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes Of Its Own Corpse

When the old authority was gone (i.e. The Temple), demolished and destroyed, it was possible for the sects and splinter groups to fill a gap. “Nature abhors a vacuum,” and fills it with whatever is nearby.

Isis and Horus became the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus. Osiris/Dionysus became part of Jesus. Old Torah stories were wound into the new text, to make it seem like it was all “ordained” and “prophesied.”

But it was just all clever re-writing of existing myths, slowly, through dozens of new texts, correcting each other, replacing each other, upending each other, and eventually winnowed down to Four, plus some letters, and some new material added by the new rulers in Rome, to flesh it out and make it stick.

This Is Our Myth

Christianity is the ground sausage created out of the flesh of the mythic world of ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece that filled the hollow created by the death (and murder) of Judea in 70 AD. It is a strange brew stuffed into (or pouring out of) a wound in the ancient world.

The story of “Chrestos” (the dying-rising God-man) had been told for thousands of years under different names; the story of “Logos”  or “Word” had been told since the time of Heraclitus in ancient Greece. The story of Virgin Mothers was as old as Sumer and Ur. The death and rebirth of a God-man was the story of agriculture. The death of the grain so that humans could live and survive the winter, the fallow season.

That’s why there are no authors to the ‘gospels.’ That’s why they build on each other like a bad screen-writing exercise.

That’s why none of it really works, and all of it is self-contradictory, line to line; because it’s a potpourri, an all-you-can-eat buffet at a mixed ethnicity Indo-European-Greco-Roman-Egyptian-Hebrew-Babylonian-Assyrian restaurant. Mixed with a notion of ‘capitalism’ and oil to power it, this is what we eat.



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