Dates of Books of New Testament

Here, from a number of sources are the approximate dates of when some of the books of the New Testament were written

1st Thessalonians – 51.2 CE
Galatians – 51.6 CE
1st Corinthians  – 55.2 CE
2nd Corinthians – 56.0 CE
Romans – 56.9 CE
Philippians – 59.8 CE
Philemon – 60.6 CE
Colossians – 60.7
Ephesians – 62 (80-100)
MARK – 70
MATTHEW – 80-90
LUKE – 75 – 100
JOHN 90 – 100
Revelation – 68 or 95

Only those books known to be written by Paul are listed above.

Here are the books attributed by ignorant Christians to Paul that were unquestionably (80% of scholars)  written by someone else.

First TimothySecond TimothyTitusEphesians

Here are the books attributed to Paul on which scholars are evenly divided:

ColossiansSecond Thessalonians

2 comments on “Dates of Books of New Testament

  1. Jero Jones says:

    Hi Phileepin
    Check out Mark 13, which is attested by conservative Christians as the prediction of Jesus, for myself, the verses of Mark 13 are the work of a copyist writing after the fact, and not by any inspired hand.

  2. Phileepin says:

    Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Revelation after 70 AD, yet no mention of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem!

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