Free Will vs God’s Will vs God’s Plan For You vs Prayer vs God’s Intercession vs Predestination

Free Will vs God’s Will vs God’s Plan For You vs Prayer vs God’s Intercession vs Predestination

Yes… aren’t they all mutually exclusive? Yet Christians hold each one of the concepts to be independent of one another.

To any horrendous event done by man, Christians will say dismissively, “Free Will – God gave man free will”.

When bad things happen to good people, Christians will explain that it was God’s will that the bad thing happened. But quite often, God’s will prevents someone from exercising their free will.

Christians, when things are not going so well for a fellow Christian, will comfort one another with the smug explanation that “God has a plan for you” implying that no matter what difficulties you are currently experiencing, you will come out ahead because of God’s plan for you.

There are 14 different places in the Gospels where Jesus promises that your prayers will be answered, just as you pray them. If this is true, then how does an answered prayer work if the answer to the prayer was not part of God’s plan for you?

How does God decide to intercede, to answer a prayer. Maybe He only answers it if it fits with his will and plan for you. BUT… Jesus says all prayers will be answered if you have faith in the Father. So, we have a real dichotomy here.

And then there is the problem with predestination. Multiple places in the bible indicate that your path was determined before you were born.

New Evidence? Comments?

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