Opening Statement

To be considered valid, any theory must be falsifiable. That is, there must be something, which if found, can prove the theory false. For example, the theory of evolution would be proven wrong if a skeleton of homo sapiens were found in rock that was a million years old. Similarly, any religion can be proven wrong if any of its structural doctrine can be proven wrong.

Since Christians believe that the Bible is the literal word of God, everything expressed in the Bible must therefore be true. All that is necessary then to falsify the bible is to find one thing in it that is not true. If there is one thing that can be found in the bible that is irrefutably  not true, then the Bible, and hence the Christian religion is false. Amazingly, Jesus own words provide examples of things in the bible that are not true.

2 comments on “Opening Statement

  1. Josh Taylor says:

    If the theory of evolution is right, then why are there still monkeys and apes that are still living in our present time?

    • OMG – You are kidding right? That is the most ignorant, nay, stupid comment you could ever say. You have no idea how evolution works. How can you possibly believe what 4 ignorant tribesman thought about creation some 3500 year ago? How can you give no weight to what almost every person of science believes about evolution.

      Please learn a little about evolution so you don’t look so stupid. I see that you have made other comments on this website. I am not going to read them because I’m sure they contain the same level of stupidity as this one does.

      In fact, I’m going to remove them.

      Learn something!

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