Other Virgin Births

Here is an incomplete list of other virgin births; 30 if you are counting.

Alcmene, the mother of Alcides, was a virgin

The mother of Apollonius of Cappadocia, was “overshadowed” by the supreme God Proteus.

Semele, mother of the Egyptian Bacchus, was a virgin.

Was immaculately conceived.

Chang- ti
When the young God, Chang- ti, was born, angels with music, and shepherds attended the birth.

The prophet Bala also predicted that a divine Savior would “become incarnate in the house of Yadu, and issue forth to mortal birth from the womb of Devaci, a virgin, and relieve the oppressed earth of its load of sin and sorrow. The Supreme God, Brahma, overshadowed the mother of Chrishna.

“The god Citlaltonac sent an ambassador to see the virgin Chimalma…The god told her that she was to conceive a son, which she did soon after…”

Ghengis Khan
The mother of Ghengis Khan, of Tartary, “being too modest to claim that she was the mother of the son of God, said only that he was the son of the sun.”

The virgin mother of the mighty and the almighty God Hercules, Prudence “knew only Jove.”

Mayence was virgin-mother of Hesus of the Druids  Her body as being enveloped in light, and a crown of twelve stars upon her head.

Huitzilopochtli of the Toltec
A woman called Coatlicue, who was charged with keeping clean a temple on the Cerro de Coatepec, near Tula, was sweeping the building when she saw a beautiful ball of feathers drop from the sky, and put it away in her bosom. When she had finished her work, and tried to find the feather ball, it was no longer there, it had disappeared. At that same moment she became pregnant, although she had been a widow for many years.”

Eschylus, was the “Chaste Virgin,” and her son “the Son of God.”

“A virgin should conceive and bear a son, and a star would appear blazing at midday to signalize the occurrence.”

The son of the beautiful virgin Cronis Celestine, and begotten by the Father of all Gods

Juno conceived the God Mars by the touch of a flower.

Was honored with a divine immaculate conception.

Pythais, the mother of Pythagoras, conceived by a specter or ghost of the God Apollo.

Chimalman, mother of Quexalcote was a virgin.  There was an immaculate conception, a crucifixion, and a resurrection after three days.

Maia was his virgin mother

Suchiquecal, was called the Queen of Heaven. She conceived a son without connection with a man.

Tamerlane of Bermuda
Tamerlane’s mother conceived by having had sexual intercourse with “the God of Day.”

The Egyptian god Thoth helped Isis, the wife of Osiris, to extract from the dismembered Osiris the semen with which Isis was impregnated to bear Horus.

Tien of China
Was born of virgin.

Juno conceived Vulcan after being overshadowed by the wind.

Xaca  of China
The Savior known as Xaca, who was conceived of his mother, Maia by a white elephant, which she saw in her sleep and “for greater purity, she brought him forth from one of her sides.”

Yu of China
Yu, the first Chinese monarch, was conceived when his mother was struck with a star while traveling.


Zoroaster was born of an immaculate conception by a ray from the Divine Reason.

Celestine, the mother of Zunis was a virgin.

5 comments on “Other Virgin Births

  1. Lennie says:

    We’re so embarrassed about sex and being animals! It’s hilarious!

  2. Killer Keemstar says:

    Ur all bad

  3. Mark T says:

    Do you have texts with tesmionial, archaeological, historical, prophetic, mathematical supporting evidence as to their authenticity and credibility?

    The Word of God does not make statements like you without a credibility authenticity backing it up surround, supporting its statements as true and unbreakab? You just state things, any child could do that like….

    Juno conceived Vulcan after being overshadowed by the wind.

    Even a child can say:

    Mickey Mouse had a virgin birth…

    • Eripedis says:

      Your bible doesn’t do any better. It offers no objective proof either. It’s all mythology.

    • Logan Mesmer says:

      Yes a child could say Mickey mouse had a virgin birth, but you know it isn’t true. Why, because he is a cartoon character. And did you know that all it means to be a virgin is that the hymen wasn’t broken. The word of God, was written by men. And there is no scientific credulity or authenticity behind it. YOU just made that up and believe.
      And how about our perfect universe? Your all knowing, all powerful genie in the sky created a planet with fleas, mosquitos, venomous snakes and all kinds of animals that hurt humans. Why? Childhood cancer. To what good? If you were born in Iran you would be a Muslim. If you were born in China you probably be Buddhist (Also virgin born. I don’t care if you play with your religious toys and your friends do to. But don’t be so arrogant to claim your toys are the only toys worth playing with. But don’t fool yourself into thinking you have a lock on religious truths. Religion was created by man and man alone to keep the masses in check and get a paycheck, e.g. tithes. And if you are a total science fact denier believing the earth in only 6000 years old because it is in the bible somewhere may your god help you.

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