Our Doctrinal Position – old


The Core Truths of The Church of Truth™

It is the Mission of The Church of Truth™ to reveal the incorrect science, the historical inaccuracies, the inconsistencies and the false promises of the Judeo-Christian beliefs in order to free persons of all faiths from the tyranny of their religion.

Click on any truth to reveal the evidence for the truth.

Other Derivative Truths Revealed

All of the above statements are true. We would love to see EVIDENCE*  to the contrary.

Until comparatively recently, the Bible was accepted as the word of God by most Jews and Christians, and therefore scholarly works dealing with it concentrated on its interpretation. In the 19th century CE, the “Age of Reason,” scholars began subjecting the biblical texts to linguistic, textual, and literary analysis, noting inconsistencies and interrupted rhythms, comparing styles, and placing the text within the archaeological, historical and geographical background.

*EVIDENCE : facts obtained from non-biblical sources.

New Evidence? Comments?

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