Prophacies of Jesus’ Coming Discredited

Christian missionaries and apologists are very fond of using alleged bible prophecies to argue for the resurrection and divinity of Jesus Christ. The Christian website lists 60 prophecies ‘fulfilled’ by Jesus.

Just how authentic are these claims to fulfillment? Followers of Nostradamus also claim that the 16th century author and purported seer predicted hundreds of real world events, and yet many Christians seem a bit reluctant to accept Nostradamus as any sort of divine prophet.

Mark Hitchcock, a renowned Christian author who specifically writes on bible prophecy, called Nostradamus’ predictions “very vague” and applicable “to all kinds of situations after the event”. Ironically, the problem of vague and widely applicable prophecy will become a recurring theme throughout the linked article, as we examine and debunk 60 claims of prophetic “fulfillment”.

Click HERE to read about the fallacy of prophecy.

One comment on “Prophacies of Jesus’ Coming Discredited

  1. mike whisenhunt says:

    the link ( which is referenced on the prophacies (spelling) of jesus’ coming discredited, is no longer valid.

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