Key episodes in the Canonical Gospels

Dates of Books of the New Testament

Incomplete,But Representative List of Contradictions

Analysis and Discrediting of Prophecies of Jesus’ Coming

Here is a similar website that does a much better job of examining the Christian dogma than we do

Bad Faith – Bad News About Christianity:
Uncomfortable facts about Christianity: appalling history, doubtful origins, unreliable authorities, flawed philosophy, deceptions and forgeries.

2 comments on “Reference

  1. William Lundbergh says:

    Oh, I hope you don’t consider this too anal of me butt / teh-hee under your topics column the word, Archeological, is spelled incorrectly. The complete heading is, “Archiological Evidence.”

  2. William Lundbergh says:

    Why not change the “Church of Truth” subheading to just plain “Teaching People of all faiths?” It seems you could then register as a viable, legal church and receive all privileges, thereof. No Christian faith on Earth would challenge us, if I was onboard with my concept. Any criticisms would be instantly deflected back upon them.

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