Role of Hallucinogenics In “Visions”

There are many important instances where the Bible’s main characters; i.e. Moses and Paul, have visions and conversations with God.

The Truth Is….

All the nonsense uttered by these two luminaries can be easily explained by the hallucinogenic drugs that were prevalent in those times.

The acacia tree, frequently mentioned in the Bible, contains one of the most psychedelic substances known to man.

A thriving Bronze Age drug trade supplied narcotics to ancient cultures throughout the eastern Mediterranean as balm for the pain of childbirth and disease, proving a sophisticated knowledge of medicines dating back thousands of years, researchers say. Thus drugs were known and used in the time of Moses and Paul. The burning bush of Moses, the holy anointing oil of Saul and David, Saul/Paul’s  encounter with Jesus,  Jesus’ new wine and baptism with fire, Ezekiel’s plant of renown, Daniel’s dream tree, the tree of life, and so much more were most likely inspired by hallucinogenic substances.

New Evidence? Comments?

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