Something From Nothing

Christians that support the idea that God created the Universe love to challenge cosmologists and evolutionists with the question “how can you get something from nothing”?

There are several answers that question:

  1. We have no example of “nothing” so we don’t know if we can get something from it or not. To ask that question is to admit your own limited range of thinking outside the box.
  2. We don’t have an answer to that question yet, but we have answered many questions that previously stumped the post stone-age Israelites and we will probably be able to answer that one too. We currently can explain every moment after the big bang except for the first 1/100,000,000,000 of a second.
  3. The question implies that since you can’t get something from nothing, God must have been there to create something from nothing since he is the only one that can do things like that. Of course, the begs the question about where did God come from? Whatever answer is postulated to that question will become my answer to the question “how can you get something from nothing”.

New Evidence? Comments?

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