The Bible is Wrong About 1,000,000 Ethiopians Being Murdered

There came out against them Zerah the Ethiopian with an host of a thousand thousand.
(that would be a million Ethiopians)
Asa cried unto the LORD his God, and said, LORD, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: help us, O LORD our God; for we rest on thee, and in thy name we go against this multitude.
So the LORD smote the Ethiopians … they were destroyed before the LORD. 2 Chronicles 14.12-13

I am using the murder of one million Ethiopians to represent all of God’s murders in the Old Testament. Steve Wells documents the 158 separate instances where God either commands, condones or participates in the murder of approximately 25 million people in his book, Drunk With Blood. He also provides a complete listing and description of each of the 158 murderous events HERE. I will leave it to his website to describe each event; I will just look at the one with the highest toll. I will show beyond a doubt that it never happened. That is, I will provide yet another biblical story that is falsified. One can conclude that if any story of the bible is false, it is all false.

Population of Ethiopia

The story of killing 1,000,000 Ethiopians is an example of the ridiculous nature of all of the old testament.  In order to mount an army of one million, the population would have to be at least 4  million. There were nowhere near four million Ethiopians alive at that time. Only Egypt came close to those numbers in those days. According to Colin McEvedy in his reference book “Atlas of World Population History”, Ethiopia had a population of 200,000 in 1000 BC.  McEvedy makes the case that the entire continent of Africa had a population of only 6.5 million in 1000 BC with 3 million of those living in Egypt. There was no Ethiopian dynasty of over 4 million back in the times of King David.

What About Egypt?

To get to the land of the children of Israel, the Ethopians would have had to march through Egypt. Just how would this have been accomplished?  How were 1 million soldiers supplied?  Where did the water come from?

In addition, do you suppose that Egypt would have stood still while one million Ethiopians marched through their land. Or, did the Lord  change the hearts of the Egyptians, his hated people. Remember, he was going to show them (the Egyptians) who was Lord with his plagues. He failed to do so. They still worshiped many gods, Ra chief among them. So, the Ethiopians would not even have been able to get to the Children’s promised land.

No Other Accounting of This Event

The real proof is in the total lack of any corroborating stories about the murder of 1 million Ethiopians. If their culture was advanced enough to support 4+ million people, they would be capable of recording their history. It is not there. In fact, there is no corroboration of any of the 158 murderous events that god commanded, condoned or participated in.

Never Happened

Of course none of the lord’s slaughters as presented in the bible ever happened.  This particular story just epitomizes the ridiculous stories of the old testament. They were written to convince the Jews that their god was the only god and that they were his chosen people – how arrogant. Here is a LINK to a table that lists all 158 separate instances of god’s murders, slaughters, genocides and killings. Check it out. It makes one wonder how xians can possibly refer to god as loving and just.

Post DisCreditation

This particular event, the murder of a million Ethiopians, although the largest, is typical of all the 158 times the lord had a hand in the murder of innocents. In every case, their only crime was that they were not Jews, or in some cases, they were Jews but had displeased god. For example, it makes perfect sense that god would kill 70,000 of his chosen people because David took a census.

One More… God’s 128th Murdering Event

For Pekah the son of Remaliah slew in Judah an hundred and twenty thousand in one day, which were all valiant men; because they had forsaken the LORD God of their fathers. 2Chrn 28:6

Do you think that really happened? One person slewing an hundred and twenty thousand valiant men in one day? Because they had forsaken the God of their fathers?

If you think that really happened you are stupid; no other conclusion can be drawn. If you think that really happened, you need to ask yourself why you are still worshiping a god that would be a part of that. If you know it did not happen, then you have to admit that the bible does contain stories that are not true. And that is the very point of this website.

11 comments on “The Bible is Wrong About 1,000,000 Ethiopians Being Murdered

  1. Tony says:

    You are wrong

  2. Natalie says:

    The word Ethiopian in the original text mean Cush so it should have been translated Egyptian but that would be to split hairs over the fact that Egyptians and Ethiopians are from the same tribe

  3. Natalie says:

    Look in Egypt’s history and look at the records about the high priest who led pharaohs’ army during the reign of Ramses lX. Hebrews called him Zerah but that is not unheard of because captives names were changed all the time. All through the Bible we see that when someone is a captive they are given a different name. And to answer your question about Pekah, his army slew the men recorded, not Pekah personally

  4. Jonathan says:

    1) Why bother reading the Bible if you think it’s fake?

    2) How is it murder if an attacking army is slain? Was it murder for France to resist Hitler? Please be consistent.

    3) You judge God because you refuse to judge yourself. How many old ladies does someone need to help cross the street to make up for murder? 0 – it’s impossible! We’ve all done evil: if we’ve lied, it makes us liars (not 10 & a bell goes off). Stolen once = thief, used God’s name in vain = blasphemy, hatred = murder in the heart, lust = adultery in the heart, dishonor parentes etc etc. We’ve done SO much evil every day of our lives, & instead of being thankful for God not giving you justice you deserve, you have the audacity to call him evil for putting an end to wicked people? Would you rather God let people like Hitler live forever? He gives them space to repent & then judges when they refuse. If you judge yourself, realize your guilt, beg for forgiveness, you’ll get it. Because God is gracious, & gave his only son for even the ungodly. How much more loving could he be?

    4) Ethiopia’s borders weren’t the same as today. The Bible has Ethiopia’s border touching Egypt (however small or big Egypt was after God destroyed Pharaoh’s army), & as you said, “Egypt”‘s population was big enough. Ethiopia of that day definitely included Sudan & probably Southern Egypt. I’ll have to look it up.

    5) Where are your census records? It says Israel had an army of 300,000 & Israel is geographically a small country. People had a lot of kids back in those days, & polygamy (common back then, unfortunately) made them have even more!

    6) You also disbelieve the Bible because you don’t want to believe in God & therefore choose not to believe in his power. Yet the whole Earth is full of evidence of him! Big Bang? Nothing can’t explode & turn into anything naturally, that’s against the laws of science. We all KNOW there was a creator, like I know there was a builder of Mt Rushmore even though I’ve never seen the guy. If I know George Washington’s face can appear on a rock only by intelligent design, how much more his entire DNA code & person?! The Earth is full of fossils, rock layers, poly-strata fossils (ex.- trees upside down going through rock layers). Were they growing upside down for millions of years looking for sunlight? The trees that connect multiple seams of coal, part of the tree coalified & part not is another proof that God did destroy the world in a flood. Dinosaur & human footprints together, bells found in lumps of coal, etc. Yet how often people ignore those things because thinking about God makes them feel uncomfortable in the sin they love.

  5. TruthSayer says:

    Oh Jan, poor deluded racist Jan. God hates mingled people”? Who says? What passages of the Bible make that true? What is it, do you think makes the white race so superior? If you can get over your mourning of Trump’s loss, let us know what makes you so racist.

    All of your “corrective’ babbling is just that… ignorant rant from some cult.

  6. Jan Palmer says:

    God hates mingled people. The original Israelites were white men not people of color. God made no people of color. Only bipeds who were created along with the beasts on day 5 of Genesis. Mixing DNA between different kinds is a violation of God’s laws. Judah married a Canaanite woman and God killed 2 of his 3 sons who judah tried to marry off to Tamar, an Israelite woman. Esau lost his birthright for marrying Canaanite women. The male and female Adam got condemned for mingling their seed with the bipedal creatures. God does not love everybody. The churches lie. Always have.

  7. Canaanite says:

    No sane human being can believe the fable of the one one million Ethiopians. But, the aggressive and sanguinary spirit of the OT criminally reinforced the”” Jew”” to practice killing against others. For example, the Jewish Bolshevik revolution and its gulag camps resulted 66 million Russian victims. theft of Palestine since 1948 until now caused thousands of victims, destroying Palestinian villages , stealing Palestinians’ properties deporting about 700000 Palestinians in 1974. Not to mention Syrians, Egyptians, Lebanese.

  8. J essex says:

    During this time was not Egypt under foreign control, namely Cush or Ethiopian ?

    • Canaanite says:

      Within Egypt’s history, it never happened that the Ethiopians had control over Egypt. you can google it

      • Jan Palmer says:

        The word Ethiopia comes from the Greeks. In ancient times before Greek Hegemony, it was the land of Cush, Noah’s grandson. They and their kin were also in Egypt until Zerah Judah’s wicked sons took over Egypt and tortured their kin Israelites. Zerah’s sons were also known as the criminal and mercenary Habiru. This is where the Pharaoh comes from “who knew not Joseph” because none of Zerah’s sons went to Egypt in the famine. They are the same family bloodline oppressing the world today. Their goal is to kill all their white brothers.

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