The Bible Is Wrong About Everything – Summary


Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. The absence of evidence IS evidence of absence.

The Bible is wrong about everything doctrinal. Sure there are some historical facts; Babylon existed, Jerusalem existed, etc but the bible is wrong about every thing that smacks of supernatural. Since the books of the Bible were written over more than a thousand years, and reflect the views of various cultures and numerous writers, there is no reason to believe that they could hold together in a rational plot.


If just one indispensable Jewish or Christian doctrine is demonstrably invalid, then the whole edifice of Biblical thought is without foundation and is likewise invalid.

Since it has been demonstrated that there is at least one incorrect  assertion in the Bible, then none of the stories of the Bible cannot be viewed as having any truth to them whatsoever.  There are no corroborating accounts of the sun standing still, shadows moving backwards, Noah, The Flood, Moses, The Exodus, tumbling walls of Jerico, David, Salomon and any of the biblical supernatural stories anywhere in the literature of the world. Most importantly, there is no mention of Jesus, the divine, anywhere other than in the bible. And that’s the truth!

The overwhelming number of contradictions, anachronisms, inconsistencies, scientific impossibilities, logical impossibilities, incorrect historical references and false authorship’s proves the Bible cannot possibly be the inerrant word of an omniscient God.


A Belief with out evidence to support it

Blind Faith

A belief not only without evidence but with evidence to the contrary

This website demonstrates that Christian faith is a blind faith. It is inconceivable to me that anyone can believe any of this stuff.

One comment on “The Bible Is Wrong About Everything – Summary

  1. GTG says:

    What if you’re wrong?

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